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I have a Garmin Nuvi 760 and trying to work out how to load the POI updates.
I have downloaded some and when I click on the icon it opens in mapsource but won't load into the Nuvi apparently in this format. Do I have to somehow convert these files to something else?
I have also downloaded the redlight/speed camera POI's from
Is that ok?
Thanks anyone

Garmin Mama


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Do you know how to use Garmin's POI Loader software?


GPS: nuvi 760

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I have listed below the steps that I have used on my nuvi 760 to obtain successful results. Hopefully this will be helpful to you.

1. Create a folder on your computer for your POI's, sounds and bitmaps.
a.) i.e. C:\Garmin\POIUpdates

2. Place your files in the folder you created in step 1.
a.) Only place .csv .gpx .mp3 and .bmp files in this directory.
b.) Make sure the file prefixes have are the same (case sensitive)
c.) i.e. Speed.csv or Speed.gpx, Speed.mp3, Speed.bmp
d.) Note .mp3 and .bmp are optional as they are sound and icon files.

3. Download and install Garmin POI Loader.

4. Connect the USB cable to your computer and GPS.

5. Launch the POI loader that was installed in step 3.

6. The program will take a few seconds to find the device.

7. Select your device.

8. Select folder created in step 1.

9. Select Units for Distance and Speed
a.) i.e. Feet and MPH

10. Select Express Mode
a.) Manual mode offers additional settings

11. Once POI Loader completes unplug USB cable from GPS

12. A screen will quickly appear confirming download.

13. POI Updates have been completed.
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Real new POI user
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