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My Navnan s80 reboots, Navman have said to reinstall software but it continues to reboot. Now I get text on text and garbled directions. Navman won't take it for service. They just keep giving instructions to reinstall software.
Anyone else had this issue?
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Yep, it seems to be a common problem with the S80. I am about to take mine back to the retailer! Mine one will reboot at any time, mostly as you are driving along in the middle of a journey! Navman's support is bad, they never respond. I have never encountered a company with such poor customer service.

I will get a Garmin next time around!


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It also effects the S50. Mine reboots (looks like a hard reset) and takes minutes to return to navigation mode. To me the problem looks like some sort of memory caching issue as mine crashes every 45 to 60 minutes usage.
S50 was returned to NAVMAN for a fix, and when I followed up, I was advised that all it needed was SFW reloaded. An interesting side to this was that I had installed the AUS Service Pack 1 prior to sending to NAVMAN, but the device came back without the service pack installed.
After return, the S50 still rebooted, but when I reinstalled the AUS Service Pack 1, the S50 appeared to only do a soft reset, and it returned to navigation mode without going past the Safety Agreement screen.
Unfortunately some twit (namely me), installed the new maps, which also installed a new version of SmartST2008, now I am back to square 1, with the S50 rebooting (hard reset) again (reinstalling Service Pack 1 did not bypass the problem this time).
Have been back to phone support (which happens to transfer to Manilla), and the support technician did not know what I was talking about when I advised I had installed Service Pack 1 (appears that he was unaware that Australia has a Service Pack 1).
As I do not have any money to buy again, and I do not have much confidence in NAVMAN Support, I think I will see what I can do to fix the problem, by possibly mixing various version of code.
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NAVMAN Techo walked me through deleting all files on S50 but it is important NOT to delete DEVICE.XML (not sure why), then to install upgraded SmartST2008 from the new 2008 Maps DVD/CD. You do need to delete NAVDESK2008 before running installation as this also appears to be a new version.

The S50 installed the new SmartST2008, and maps with no problem, and the crashing problem appears to have gone, although I have noticed on a trip from Melbourne to Brisbane (passing through central NSW) that the S50 screen display appeared to hang. The display of distance speed, time etc, kept updating, but map did not.

I will be phoning NAVMAN to follow up on the display hang. This may be tied up to a problem of my POIs icons not displaying which I was told was a possible rendering problem. The POIs work fine in the country when their is not much being displayed on the screen, but rarely display when driving in a large city, even with only a few of the preloaded icons switched on.
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Did you guys ever get your rebooting issue solved?

Just got a S45 for Christmas and it does the same spontaneous soft reboot...

It also does this freaky thing where opening the next screen will just create a kind of overlay effect.

Will try turning of some POI displays and see what happens.


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This is also occuring on the S90. I also went through the manilla option and they wanted it sent to Sydney (at my expense), personally I don't regard this as good service...
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Sorry for the delay in answering gentlemen, but I have been a little ill (heart attack not from trying to get the s50 stable).


As far as I can tell from discussions with NAVMAN support in Sydney, my problem was caused by CACHE isues. To me it appears that the CACHE fills, then causes the S50 to hang or crash.

After I completely creamed all files (except the DEVICE.XML) then did a complete reinstall, including obviously the maps from the NAVMAN CD my problems with the crashes appears to have gone away. I have had a couple of slowdowns since, and the answer from NAVMAN support is to "Reset to Factory Specifications". Having said this I did one reset and completley screwed the S50, and had to do another cream and reload (not sure what happened, but it sure stuffed it). As I have worked in the IT industry for 20 years, CACHE does sound a possible culprit with it not being cleared by the S50 at shut down. This is a possible design feature to enable the S50 a quicker satelite reconnection time, but there should be an overflow ability in CACHE to clear oldest data when full.

Have been testing solidly for the past week, after reinstallation and have not had another slow down, hang or crash, including running it for a 12 hour trip non stop.

As for missing POI ICONS, I am only running School Zones (Vic), and Speed Cameras (a Vic subset), and have found they are nearly usless. The ICONS appear for a few seconds then as the screen refreshes, they disappear, although the warning message still appears (although this sometimes is given after you pass the School Zone). According to NAVMAN Support, this issue is probably caused by screen rendering problem, and I have still to hammer them for a fix (if one is available).
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