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GPS: Gamin NUVI 260W

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I have just purchased a NUVI 260W having been using GARMIN Mobile XT for some time and was wondering if anyone has been able to show actual speed whilst on route ?

I realise that if you press the bottom left corner where the arrival time is, it displays a 'dashboard' of sorts and the speed is there, but I would prefer the speed be shown on main screen like it is when not on route.

Your ideas would be appreciated.

Thank yo
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GPS: Garmin nuvi 260

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I have recently acquired the Nuvi 260 unit. (My First GPS)

I have notices that if you are enroute to a destination then the arrival time is displayed. The only time I get the speed on the map display is when I have it just on Show Map without any destination loaded.

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GPS: nuvi 260w

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I've been tinkering around with my Nuvi 260w, and it looks like you cant do it,'as there is no setting menu to alter the display icons. The basic user guide that comes with it is very, very basic.

I've had a look on the garmin site, and it doesn't look like there is a more in depth user guide available ( unless someone out there knows where one is : ).
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GPS: garmin nuvi 770

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You can download extensive Garmin model specific manuals on their website in PDF files. Better than a book cause you can search for your needed topics.

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GPS: nuvi 260w

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Hi I have had mine for about 9 months and you can not put the speed onto the main screen.
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GPS: gamin nuvi 265w

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mine shows the speed
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GPS: Nuvi 260W

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My Nuvi 260W shows the speed on the map screen. Along the bottom of the screen are 3 things ( from left to right ) : Speed , Menu button , One that changes (Direction/Time to arrival etc )

I suggest you download the Garmin updater if you haven't already and use it to make sure you have the latest firmware. My about screen says:

nuvi 260w
Software version 4.60
Audio version 1.00
GPS SW version : 2.55b
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GPS: garmin nuvi

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Just purchased a nuvi 260W and the map screen does show the speed as well as the estimated arrival time. Had mine updated by salesman , he installed the latest firmware. Maybe that's all you have to do.
Good luck
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