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Hey all,

I just brought the 660 yesterday, and played with it alittle.
Couple of things im annoyed at-

1/ It cant connect to my pc, so I cant upgrade the maps or download anything for the machine. I run Window98 and you need 2000 or newer which blows.
2/ It doesnt show stop lights, give ways and other interestions. It told me to keep driving along the road i was on, even though I was at the traffic lights on a highway.
3/ Googles online maps are alot more detailed, alot of the maps in my area on this dont even show up. Its like 2 suburbs are not even there.
4/ How do you listen to a CD and have this broadcastin on your radio speakers?
5/ why after spending almost a Thousand bucks as I brought the most expensive navigator. Why do we have to buy add ons like Traffic alerts etc?


GPS: Garmin 660 Regional

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Yes I agree with you in relation to the maps not being detailed and upto date such as other maps especially compared to the Melway which has so much information.

The other thing I dont like is that you cannot veiw the speed you are travelling while it is on map view where as on cheaper brands you can.

It seems a bit primative. Having said all this I still think it is a great unit as far as getting me from point a to b etc. Garmin do need to do a lot of work on the maps though!
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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Newbie
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