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I've just bought a Navman S90 and am playing with my new toy. I've downloaded a csv POI file from this site and loaded it fine, so I'm not a total idiot, I hope.

I cannot find out how to create my own custom POIs. Surely this can't be too difficult?

Also, the Navdesk software seems fairly crap to me. Can anyone recommend some decent PC software which will allow me to get the most out of this? Plan routes, input custom POIs etc?



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Is there any way to tell my Navman that I am driving a large vehicle? I very nearly got my coach stuck just outside of Richmond, thanks to my Navman S90i.



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I have struggled with this same issue in the past.
The only solution I found was to purchase a 'truck' specific sat nav and then set up my own 'size' profile for whatever 'coach' I am driving at the time.
Standard 'car' sat navs do NOT have the relevant software installed to allow ANY alterations for large vehicles.

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