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If I register do your access support IGO speedcam?



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iGO can be loaded with custom POIs. iGO uses the SQLite database format. You can use a small program called POIconvert. It is used to convert Google KML (Keyhole Markup Language) files into the iGO.db format.

The best way to download POI from the POI database or to create your own private or public POI database, save it as KML and convert it to iGO.db file.
We can create a simple online CSV/OV2 to KML/iGO .db converter if there is any interest for it.




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Using IGO 2008, just wanted to know if where can I download speedcam files in txt format?

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budu wrote:
Using IGO 2008, just wanted to know if where can I download speedcam files in txt format?


I added converter for iGO txt file format to our POI Download zone.

Downloaded iGO text file can be edited with Notepad (Windows users)
It has the following header line: X,Y,TYPE,SPEED,DIRTYPE,DIRECTION


X = longitude
Y = latitude
TYPE = type of speed camera ( 1 - fixed speed camera locations; 2 - combined red light and speed cameras; 3 - fixed red light camera locations; 4 - section camera positions; 5 - lasers, hand-held radars and other mobile speed camera locations; 6 - railway crossing; 7 - not constant mobile locations)
SPEED = speed limit in km/h
DIRTYPE = type of direction of the speedcam (0-all directions; 1-one direction; 2-both directions)
DIRECTION = direction in degrees (0-North; 90-East)

DIRTYPE and DIRECTION are optional fields

iGO POI file format sample with radars in France:





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I found this satnav iGO guide how to change iGO 8 safety camera warning sound:

1. Create a folder called "audio" inside IGO8 folder
2. Put a wav file of your choice called !alert5.wav inside that folder
3. This wav will be used the new warning sound

Thanks navsoon

Bonne chance


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Figure this out:

Manual to install the poi's on the MIO-iGO

01. Unzip (usual just dubble click) the downloaded zip-file
02. Choose the map with poi's you want (f.e. the poi's with the extension ov2 of TomTom)
03. In the map are the two files, one with the extension .ov2 and with the extension .bmp (these are the files you need to install
04. In your MIO you find the standard poi's in this file My Flash Disk/Miomap/Miomap/igo.db
05. Make a map on your pc and transport the fie igo.db in it
06. To be sure, make a back-up of it
07. Start iGO POI Explorer
08. Choose File > Import > iGO Database from file en select the file igo.db in the map you've made in step 05
09. You will see the announcement: IGO database has been imported from file
10. Click with the right button on IGO POI DATABASE and choose: Import POIs from file here
11. Select in the following screen at the bottom the correct extension type (in our example ov2)
12. Select now in this screen the downloaded and unzipped poi-file
13. Close now the map POI DATABASE by clicking on the - before the map
14. Click with thew right button on IGO POI DATABASE (it turns blue)
15. Choose File > Export > IGO database to file. The program chooses normally the map on your MIo from which igo.db was loaded (the original igo.db will be replaced now).
16. You see left at the bottom the text Exporting iGO database. Depending of the size of the imported poi-file it will take several minutes before the transfer ends.
17. After some patience you can now navigate...

How long it takes to instal a simple iGO file? I have Navman and I thought it has the most difficult POI installation procedure.

Bonne chance!



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Any idea how the angle of the speedcam is stored in the binary file? I inspected the binary file and it seems to use a single byte to store the angle in. However an angle can range from 0 up to 356, while in a byte you can only store values from 0 up to 255. Any clue anyone?



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To reset the speed cam index list:

- Delete everything in the speedcam folder except the txt file
- Restart iGO to rebuild the index list.
Repeat this as many times as you need if you have more than one speed cam txt files. You have to add all other SC text files (one by one) and keep restarting your iGO.

Simple: add one, restart, exit, add one, restart, exit, add one, restart, exit, add one, restart, exit, add one, restart, exit, add the next one, restart and so on, so on.

Easy iGO???



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Well. It's working:


but not this:



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