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Our TOMTOM 720 is refusing to connect to the TomTom HOME software, not matter what version it is. The initial response from TomTom support was that it would not work with the version supplied in the box. Why ship it with that version then? I have downloaded their recomended version (V2.0.370) and this also refuses to acknowledge the device. XP can see it, knows it is a TomTom GO device and reports no errors. The device itself has the display appearing to show that it is connected with the PC. Where is it all going wrong? I have tried the usual techniques of resetting the device, powering it on and of and aon, while standing on my head, with one shoe on and I still get no joy.

Anyone have any brilliant, or even 'you didn't try that stupid ideas, they will all be welcome.





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Have you opened the TT home and under device selected change device?



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I allways have to turn on my device then plug the unit into the TomTom cradle. When thats done the TomTom then asks if it whants to connect to the computer, then you touch the screen then it says yes. Most important of all make sure that your logged on the tom tom site or it wont work.
By rule of thumb,you should all ways download the latest software (AT HOME)directly off the site. Even then it's still useless until you plug that thing in the way i said so. It updates the software as soon as it sees the device plugged in. Make sure you back it up before and after with the software. Do that before you start fiddling with it. They only give you 30 days from the time you first log on to the site & they give a whole new North American map to download free with it.
It is very new device that i purchased as well & there are a couple of bugs that they have been working out. Don't be frustrated, when you get it fiqured out your gonna love that thing. I LOVE MY TOMTOM 720 !!!!
1. download software
2. with nothing connected to TomTom, then power on.
3. plug tom in cradle with power all ready on
4. cancel the boxes that pop up from windows yes on tom screen to connect to computer
5. install software
6.set up username and password for at home software
7.update the software
8. with the software, backup the device & make sure you create from the preference menue a location of that original backup.


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How old is the computer? I had about the same problem. My computer was from 2000 and had usb1.0 tomtom need usb 2.0 So I want out and bought an USB 2.0 pci card from Circuit city for $10 put it in and bam works like a charm. Hope this helps.



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Bought March 2008. No safety cameras present on machine. Meant to be there pre-loaded. TOMTOM arranged a free download with instructions on installation but STILL no cameras, simply said I would have to subscribe when I hit the safety camera icon. The machine was bought from Halfords near Reading. My son bought one from another Halfords in Bracknell and that one was correct! Also, the suction mount has no lever and did not stick to the glass even without the weight of the Tomtom! (press on only). Obtained a refund as Tomtom had lost interest in the issue and gone back to my GO500.

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