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Video Chat Setup:

To create a new Video Chat Room
- enter an unique Room ID (name of phone number)
- add your room number / phone extension, if required

To change your Room ID or name
- press ⚙ (top right corner)

To start Video Chat
- share your Video Chat App links (copy and paste)
- call your Room ID to start chat or to wait for calls

Private Calls
- lock your room as soon as all participants join the room

Group Calls
- advise your audience to mute/disable their microphone and camera unless they want to talk

Video Chat Controls
- [ 🎥 ] press the camera icon to enable/disable your video stream
- [ 🎤 ] press the microphone icon to enable/disable your audio stream
- [ 📺 ] press the screen icon to share your screen
- [ 🔓 ] press the lock icon to lock/unlock your Chat Room
- press Backspace to exit
- press F5 to reload

Please feel fee to ask if you need any help to setup video chat service.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in GPS Phones forum Reply to topic Video Chat Setup (online)
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