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Robyn Stewart


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Our family lives at The Entrance and we use the Long Jetty Subway. Three times in the past couple of months we have arrived to make our purchase at around 6.30pm and have been told that they either have NO bread with the exception of the rye or 9 grain wheat left (last night they only had 3 12" in total). Last night we arrived at 18.20pm and there was NO white type bread. There were 7 people behind us in the line, the closing hours are 21hrs. So surely they can be better prepared. There was 4 cookies in total left.
This is at 18.20pm! (by the time we got to the register the time was probably around 18.35pm)
I do not usually put pen to paper to complain, but this is just BAD Management. Unless this improves we will be crossing Subway Long Jetty OFF our list of take-a-ways.

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic Subway Long Jetty
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