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Ok so I have a TomTom Via 1515 and I downloaded the traffic cameras from
the website here.

So I got all of the information uploaded into the device and I enabled the
new POIs and they are just showing up as red boxes on my GPS unit instead
of using the images I uploaded.

And yes I uploaded them I uploaded the regular size image and the X2 image as well
which you have on the website here and instead of using those images it is just using a red box as
the POI and yes the file names are all the same as well as I said I downloaded them from this
site. So why isn't it using the image file.

2nd issue there is a red light cam near me here in Edmonton, Alberta at
50 ST and 101 Ave and I go to that area to test my GPS to see if it was working
now the point wasn't showing up as a red light camera so I pull over and
go in and do an edit POI and I see the POI in the database and that I am 75 m
away from the POI and I have it set to warn me at 250 M as well but it isn't even
showing up on my map with a little red box or anything but If I go in and
do an edit poi on my GPS the point is in there!

What the heck is wrong with it? Why isn't it being displayed and yes I have the POI
enabled to show on my map as well. Other POIs are showing up I went to
another one near by and it showed up as a red box and alerted me when I got
near that camera. But this one at 50 ST and 101 Ave just isn't showing up at all on
my map.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in TomTom forum Reply to topic TomTom Via 1515 Issues
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