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Desperate resident


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There are at least fifteen houses on the western side of Peckham Hill Street in SE London, with an SE15 5JY postcode, but only about four with rear access from, and there is only one other property in Bonar Road.

Yet all sat navs point SE15 5JY at Bonar Road, which is mainly allotments!

This may be excellent for manure deliveries, but it also means emergency services are also directed intro that road so the occupants of houses in Peckham Hill Street can see the flashing blue lights of the ambulance they have called over their back garden fences, but have no way of directing the it to the door where it is desperately needed to attend to a patient.

Please could this situation be rectified. London Ambulance Service face enough challenges without having to deal with practical jokes. This time it was NOT a life and death issue, but next time it might be.


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I need help with our Postcode. We Have HGV's that deliver to our site but the SATNAV takes the drivers to the residential street next door. is there any way to change it?
our postcode is ST7 2DF

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Technology forum Reply to topic Postcode SE15 5JY
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