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I believe that all G drivers licence people should have to do a writing driver test every 5 years just like other licences (F)or (B) to bring everyone up to part with all changes that the ministry do about safety on the road or driving habits.

As for drivers observing sharing the road with cyclist???? every time that I go for a ride with small group or individual, i almost get push off road or yield at or horn blow at us. One of the problem that we see it is that some of the country road don't have the appropriate space clearly mark for cyclists (no line or the pavement is chewed badly which push the cyclist to stay a bit more away from the edge of the pavement.)

After crossing Canada few years back in a bicycle i find that Ontario has not done much for helping cyclist to stay safe on the road. It would be nice to see some project or improvement toward this matter before a major incident happen.

This are observation made by me for few years and i hope that someone may carry the message to the appropriate group or persons
thank you amitié michel

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Topics forum Reply to topic MTO Office Cambridge
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