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Does anyone else have problems with their dezl 760LM. I bought one for my motorhome as it offered routes for vehicles based on their size. I have had problems with it from the outset. Twice replaced the device itself. Downloads are a problem as other posts on map updates show; initially mine were incredibly slow despite a fast connection. The latest map update killed all of the roads in Spain - apart from those on a very out of date base map. I have several times ignored instructions to drive onto a dirt road with Lorry settings in place. I did the analysis myself and established that the algorithm ignored Lorry routes once any part of the route - such as a campsite on a POI -was off the lorry route. This was confirmed by Garmin who suggested I should only make up routes based on known lorry friendly start and end points!! Not very useful for a motorhome moving between campsites abroad. The third reason that the device is not fit for purpose is that it still refuses to calculate journey times that take into account the speed of the vehicle. Just keeps adding to the arrival time all the way there. I've been using paper maps and Google to monitor the Garmin for the past two years. This year suddenly without Garmin maps confirmed how much better Google Maps now is. Any suggestions about alternative Sat Navs? Or has Google killed the market?

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Dezl 760LM routes
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