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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Garmin Camper 760 Easy to use - good features Depite being a Motorhome device it insists on select inappropriate routes for the class of vehicle. Little shortcuts through tiny roads etc.
2 mike.stevenson Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S Not had it long - 3 weeks but has everything I need. Creating new POI categories and being able to sort them. Favourites are limited to about 1000 and I need a lot more than that. As a delivery driver I log each new address I go to (businesses and house names) to make then easy to find next time I need to go. 7
3 hancock.patrick Garmin Nuvi 2495 Love my Garmin Nuvi 2495. Road Updates changed but don't keep old road names as easy reference. 9
4 sukhdeep71 Garmin Nuvi 3760T Slim and High Resolution Display No Ability to Connect to a Backup Camera 7
5 jbackman Garmin Nuvi 2789LM Intersection routing is superb often chooses less than desirable routes and must be taught: 8
6 joseph.b.kao Garmin Nuvi 2599 Responsive, bright touchscreen.

Generally sensible route plotting, and smartphone link works fine.

It's served us well for nearly two years, and only frozen once en route.

Clear maps, clear directions, with free traffic updates.

Live search only works intermittently (it originally worked fine). Speed cameras have stopped consistently showing up after recent update, which is something we're still trying to fix. Garmin Express can be a bit of a pain for updates, and it's extremely fussy about which USB wire you use to connect it with. Hours have been lost wrestling with the updates process on occasion. 7
7 david.t.king Garmin Nuvi 2350LMT Power automatically connected when put in car stand. POI directions are always shown as if the vehicle is facing north when vehicle is not in motion (e.g. sitting in a rest area trying to find a place for lunch. Very difficult to determine if a restaurant is in your direction of travel. 6
8 jmerralls Garmin Drive 61 LM Simple Basic easy to use. No Live traffic Option unless you by a transmitter. 6
9 pcitgrp Garmin Nuvi 2517LM This is a fantastic SATNAV. I've never had any problems with it and it's accuracy and speed are great. I'd highly recommend it to anyone. I can't think of any weaknesses that this model has other than the fact that I can no longer find different voices for it. 9
10 brsed1 Garmin RV660LMT easy to use, large, loud RV sizing keeps it off roads it can take easily 8
11 prolecata Garmin dash cam 35 Good video, good alerts, easy to use. Hard wiring is difficult because of mass storage alert from the usb. 7
12 niel.ocarroll Garmin 3590LM Pretty good, all the bells and whistles, if you need them. Currently cannot understand some of the routes it takes me on. Think there is probably a setting issue 7
13 grognotcrepy Garmin Nuvi 3597 LM Very nice and thin case
Ease of use
Fast calculations
Advanced use : easy to transfer maps, personal POIs and so on (better than TomTom devices)
Price (350 euros). But the quality is here.. 7
14 gidat1 garmin drive 50 Has a voice command. Also smart phone connection with blue tooth. Works very well too sensitive to touch7 6
15 larry.pullen4 Garmin Smartdrive 60 The Speed is Good
The Ease of use is brilliant
Has free Life Time Map and Speed Camera Updates
3D Buildings could be added 8
16 rob.walker Garmin Nuvi 265W Gets me to customers other devices cant find Lack of lane guidance 6
17 wlibert4 Garmin Navigator On the 2017 Honda CR-V the satellite linked navigation display it incredible Honda/Garmin severely crippled the system by not providing access to an SD card slot as well as no method to create and save custom points of interest 1
18 richard-PDB-GPS44 Garmin GSP nuvi 3597 Very clear directions, screen and turn/exit directions. Very good voice directions. Rapid recalculation. Excellent accuracy of map database. Entering addresses is absolutely quirky and often frustrating: occasionally it's easy and straightforward, but commonly one needs to pick the correct abbreviation for AV/AVE/Avenue, ST/Street/str, etc. No easy possibility of modifying a suggested route, ala Google maps dragging a route. 4
19 roopam.kaur4 Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT Voice Command, Bluetooth, Mapings and Spoken Directions and Lifetime free maps Safety alerts need to be subscribed. 6
20 alanon.sr3 Garmin nuvi 2595lmt largely accurate, reliable. Voice Commands works very nicely. LMT services only useful for interstate driving. Be nice to have that work for local major roads as well. 7
21 donovan Garmin Zumo 595LM Awesomely fast to process, start up and get on with. Built to take updates and well thought out unit. Weight could be less and a lockable mount for motorcycle could be standard 8
22 ebu44 Garmin Drive 60 Nice big screen, great flexibility with what you see on the screen, traffic is a good feature, handy to have lifetime free map updates, knows the school zone times, tells you your next two moves when they are close together Doesn't know local speed limits (50km/hr), just bongs for overspeed and bongs for speed camera (no spoken warnings), no ability to tell it what amount over the speed limit you want the bong to happen at, doesn't speak the speed limit to you when you are over speed, doesn't show you your next two movements on screen, maps are out of date (speed changes from over a year ago still not reflected), speed camera data is poor - unless you pay $40 per year to subscribe to their service (which is still lacking compared to GPS Data Team). 4
23 johnpoi-GPS44 garmin nuvi 2xx7 Good value with free for life europe map updates.
Updating maps is a pain. Rarely works first time. Creating favorites is totally non intuitive 6
24 Catstycam Garmin Camper 760 great for the motorhome, not got me into trouble.. yet.
tricky to navigate to a POI some distance away 7
25 skihunter Garmin Nuvi 3590 battery life, pedestrian mode, ability to play music and video. Traffic info slow to update 8
26 homer_webster Garmin Nuvi 2599 Free maps for life, easy to use Speed cameras cost, can be quiet in nosy vehicles, doesn't always know the speed limit. Too many icons on the screen after loading Custom POI! 6
27 dougie.veitch Garmin Camper 760LM Large size - easy to read; ability to programme vehicle dimensions to avoid inappropriate routes; simple to use; lifetime download of updated maps once initial payment was made; good website is easy to use. Garmin website doesn't have full functionality when using Chrome 8
28 nicf Garmin 2597LMT Good solid reliable performance, with great (if expensive) mounting system so I can transfer it between cars. Although the device works well, and the Garmin Express software is easy to use for maintaining updates of software and maps, the Garmin online shop and support is woeful. 3
29 mikeowens750 Garmin Zumo 350LM Works fine on the bike Non-standard waypoints and routing so sometimes tedious 7
30 dcgmenterprises Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT After previous versipon of Nuvi I have to say that I like the 4 Square especially Smart Link! Should have come with an anti reflection screen rather than buy one for it. 7
31 slysven Garmin NĂ¼vi 1310 I appreciate the ability to download and use third party maps - and to be able to extend the area covered by using them. I wish I was able to enter more than just ONE via point to plan a journey. Also specifying a destination when you do not actually have an exact address is a nightmare - it would be so much better if one could jump to a, say town and then pan around to set the exact location - say if you know where it is already but not the exact road or number on the street. You do have a browse map function but that is tied to your current or last recorded location - which is not much help if you want to reposition on a different town/city...! 5
32 kevin.hutch Garmin Nuvi 2797 Great GPS supper trip planner and a handy speedo/odometer plus the ease of custom POIs No ability to individually select ICONs displayed when travelling or set unique audible alerts from the GPS. 8
33 gary.liddle888 Garmin Dezl 760 Accuracy, large screen. Life time free mapping. No facility to set vehicle maximum speed - makes time of arrival incorrect (not great for HGV users). 6
34 dann3234 Garmin Zumo 350LM Motorcycle specific unit
Waterproof,Shock proof,
Can pair with MC helmet com system
Cannot be paired with cell phone for use in a car 8
35 pktchina4 Garmin Nuvi 2597 bigger 5 display
voice commands works well
lifetime map update
Mobile phone interface audio quality 7
36 pktchina Garmin Nuvi 2597 stable and easy to use suction pad mounting not readily usable on modern car dash 7
37 johnniegif Garmin NuLink 2340 Gets me from a to b and finds its way out of large cities. Good clear turning information. Audio us loud enough. Lifetime maps added to my unit. This SatNav believes I prefer dirt tracks to fast, safe roads. I wish I knew how to change it. 5
38 geogrunt Garmin NuviCamHD-LMT 6 Best GPS to date Clearer & Louder Speakers - I still like the old FM Transmitter that used your stereo speakers to provide cellphone conversations . . . 9
39 gaznic61 Garmin nuvi 3598 lmt d Only just purchased but very impressed with it so far. Clear directions and lots of facilities. Bulky charger cable and DAB ariel makes your dash a bit untidy. 6
40 nala9 Garmin Nuvi 67 LM Good viewing, price is competitive.
User friendly, and spares available
Font could be a little bigger 9
41 john.hobbs garmin nuvi 2597 Nice bright screen and clear voice instructions. Difficult to use compared to my old Nuvi, red light camera warnings have disappeared. also some of the hazard warnings such as school areas. 6
42 mvnrdy Garmin Nuvi 220 Decent device, pretty robust, simple and easy to use. Would love online updates and GPS traffic info, but since its an older device happy with it so far. 5
43 edouard.fourcade garmin nuvi 2597 It's very solid, resist to shock, high temperature in the car. It's strongly made. I would not recommend this gps. Map not well updated, POI never updated, no easy configuration, it doesn't give the best itineraries. It can advise the traffic jam but often too late. 2
44 gkeel Garmin NuviCam Life time Maps. Good video quality Auto routing sometimes not the best 7
45 davesloan Garmin Nuvicam Very quick and simple. Good screen. It works! Speed limit display dreadful. Does not see 30mph limits in small villages. TomTom can do it. Standard speed camera warnings excessive and irritating. 8
46 lcole73 Garmin Dezl 560LMT last update deleted or corrupted all my trucking POI's and now I have no alerts It was great before the March-April update, now it's crap 6
47 wolfordt Garmin 1450 This is my 3rd and I think they are great Getting through the menu 7
48 gary-GDT Garmin 65LMT Big Screen
Nice User Interface
Fast Traffic Updates
Up Ahead finds POIs along route
Horizontal and Vertical Map views
Actually too big to fit where I had my last GPS-- Dash Speedo gets in way. Not really a Weakness. Made EcoRoute a PAID add on--- was free in my last lower end GPS (never used it, but why paid now, on higher end) No learning trends--- Older lower end garmin did it. 8
49 chrishiggins Garmin BMW Nav 5 / iPhone 6 Few quirks but generally happy Creating indepth routes, screen resolution could be better 7
50 vwerko garmin 2599LMT it's still new but works fine so far took forever to update maps 7
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