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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S Not had it long - 3 weeks but has everything I need. Creating new POI categories and being able to sort them. Favourites are limited to about 1000 and I need a lot more than that. As a delivery driver I log each new address I go to (businesses and house names) to make then easy to find next time I need to go.
2 jmerralls Garmin Drive 61 LM Simple Basic easy to use. No Live traffic Option unless you by a transmitter. 6
3 gidat1 garmin drive 50 Has a voice command. Also smart phone connection with blue tooth. Works very well too sensitive to touch7 6
4 larry.pullen4 Garmin Smartdrive 60 The Speed is Good
The Ease of use is brilliant
Has free Life Time Map and Speed Camera Updates
3D Buildings could be added 8
5 ebu44 Garmin Drive 60 Nice big screen, great flexibility with what you see on the screen, traffic is a good feature, handy to have lifetime free map updates, knows the school zone times, tells you your next two moves when they are close together Doesn't know local speed limits (50km/hr), just bongs for overspeed and bongs for speed camera (no spoken warnings), no ability to tell it what amount over the speed limit you want the bong to happen at, doesn't speak the speed limit to you when you are over speed, doesn't show you your next two movements on screen, maps are out of date (speed changes from over a year ago still not reflected), speed camera data is poor - unless you pay $40 per year to subscribe to their service (which is still lacking compared to GPS Data Team). 4
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