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# Username GPS model Pros Cons Rating
1 Garmin nuvi 2595lmt largely accurate, reliable. Voice Commands works very nicely. LMT services only useful for interstate driving. Be nice to have that work for local major roads as well.
2 buck2543 Garmin Nuivi 2595 Great navigation features Less than stellar voice recognition 7
3 chris_in_exile Garmin Nuvi 2595 Doesn't crash and I like the display format POIs are buried deep in the menus 6
4 Greg2561 Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT Nuvi's have been the easiest to use for me. Used to have external antenna ports but now they don't. 8
5 79aliabbas Garmin/ nuvi2595LM Fast response when using the interface Beeps to late when a camera or when there is a traffic jam. Sometimes it feels as if it has a mind of its own. 6
6 acrisafulli334040 garmin2595 Great device came from 2460 although some things are missing like free red light camera and speed camera also missing is the adjustment of posted speed limit.
however unit is faster and clearer as far as voice and redraw and sats.
No free red light camera, no eco rout without dongle no speed limit edit 7
7 ipap-GPS Garmin2595-TomtomAndroid This 3rd Garmin GPs, Had StreetPilot 530, Nuvi680 . Very fast startup (warm/cold). Very accurate navigation, Voice Commands are great feature that is a necessity with demnrit points tickets these days. Sound is loud and automatically bumps up with noise. Easy mount, Mini-USB connector. SD card slot. If purchased from Costco, comes with dashboard base. Bluetooth profile is for phones only, could not pair with Car audio system. Smartlink SW Android must turn the GPS sensor on my cellphone which drains the battery and defeat the purpose of standalone GPS. I could have stick with my Tomtom Android on the phone. traffic cable is extra. Does not play MPS, does not have audio jack, if speaker dies, good luck. 7
8 gamc2010 Garmin nuvi 2595 LMT Impressed by the functions including easy voice commands, Bluetooth and many other utilities.
The Trip Planner in the Apps section is a fantastic tool as you can add many locations for a single route and drive as they are placed or optimize them automatically.
The 2595 takes awhile to get used to all the menus and sub menus. I have not had a chance to fully use this GPS but am disappointed by the speed limit function as this model only seems to display some of the major highways. My old 255W displayed limits on most highways and a lot of city also. 8
9 CPACushing Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT Fast satellite capture. User friendly input of lat/long co-ordinates. Easy import of POIs. No options for routing for large vehicles, eg motorhomes. 6
10 mikelin98 Garmin Nuvi 2595 LMT Excellent voice recognition, device is fast. Suction cup not strong - keeps falling off windshield 8
11 john-upton Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT Seems fine although I have only just got it. Much better than my old Nuvi 350 which suddenly gave up the ghost. Unlike the Nuvi 350 the Nuvi 2595 does not show a compass on the screen. I found this useful. Haven't checked but perhaps I can activate one somehow. 8
12 bone5 Garmin 2595 The Garmin 2595 has voice activation so you dont have to worry about getting pulled over by police because it is totally handsfree. You can also make phone calls hanThe Garmin 2595 has voice activation so you don't have to worry about getting pulled over by police because it is totally handsfree. You can also make phone calls handsfree to. There is a easy to use menu for ease of use you will be very happy with the Garmin 2595dsfree to. There is a easy to use menu for ease of use you will be very happy with the Garmin 2595 I can not fault the Garmin 2595. Well not that i have found at the moment. there are easy to use commands and icons, voice activation and bluetooth. You can upload pictures to your favourites . The lane guidance is a bonus too. If you are lucky enough, when you purchase it you get life time map updates, no weaknesses at all 9
13 transactions4 Garmin 2595LMT Full of features including Voice Activation To maintain Voice Activation, required to Update whole of Europe instead of just UK 7
14 pjotrs123 garmin nuvi 2595T + User interface.
+ Navigation.
+ Customization
+ features
- voice support works in country with native voice commands language 8
15 tony-4 GARMIN 2595LMT + Clean maps
+ Lane assistance
+ Voice activated navigation
+ Ease of use
- Configuration menu not intuitive - POI or saved address cannot be stored withing subcategories 7
16 peroni Garmin nuvi 2595LM Excellent lifetime map updates and traffic, fast Safety camera updates expensive 7
17 badgerwhite Garmin Nuvi 2595 Updates are not accurate and do not include military bases where navigon and garmin do Battery is horrible. Dead already. Cannot use device without being plugged in. 7
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