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It's spring - We are in the middle of a huge spring cleaning process. Please let us know if you notice any missing files or scripts. Thanks

Our Online POI Editor can edit Garmin GPX, Google Earth KMZ and KML, TomTom OV2, Garmin CSV, Garmin GPI, Mercedes GPX, Volvo GPX, Volkswagen RNS db3, Sygic UPI, Navman CSV, Microsoft's Streets & Trips EST files and Nokia landmarks. Support for some popular Smartphones is added to our GPS POI Editor. Our registered users can manage all Private POIs in their private, password protected GPS POI zone.

In addition to our easy-to-use POI Listing Service, you can create, edit, download and share your GPS POI files in our GPS POI Zone.

We have added a QR Code service to our Free-For-All tools. It is easy, fast and free to use our QR service to direct visitors to you. More: QR Codes.

Road safety, recreational and business GPS POI data provider for
In-Dash GPS Navigation Systems, Garmin, TomTom, Navman,
and other more or less popular GPS receivers, tablets,
smartphones, and software for laptops, PC and Mac.

Support for all popular GPS units and software
We are happy to help you with your GPS data
We provide all needed product and data installation support
POI installation support is available on request

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