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BP Gas/C-Store
382 Calder Rd.
Edinburgh SC EH11 4AS

United Kingdom

   Phone: +0131 453 4532
Subway Edinburgh SC EH11 4AS

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Maps and GPS directions to Subway Edinburgh SC EH11 4AS and other Subway Restaurants in the United Kingdom. Find your nearest Subway Restaurants. Subway® Restaurants - With more than 26,000 locations in 85 countries, the Subway brand is the world's largest submarine sandwich franchise, and has become a leader in the international development of the quick service restaurant industry.

Please note: Business hours may not be accurate due to CORONA-19 related restrictions. Please contact your local store to get the most updated information.

Subway Restaurants:  Distance 
Subway Edinburgh SC EH12 7SB2.3 km1.4 miles N
Subway Edinburgh SC EH12 9SE3 km1.9 miles NW
Subway Edinburgh SC EH12 9JT3.5 km2.1 miles NW
Subway Edinburgh SC EH10 4DG8.8 km5.5 miles NE
Subway Edinburgh SC EH2 4RG9.4 km5.8 miles NE
Nearby POI: Distance 
BP Edinburgh EH11 4AS0 km0 miles N
Iceland Westerhailes0.8 km0.5 miles S
Bank of Scotland Edinburgh EH14 2S0.8 km0.5 miles S
Lidl Edinburgh EH142SW1 km0.6 miles S

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POI link: Subway Edinburgh SC EH11 4AS