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CRESS Halifax Pavilion
Halifax Road
Ipswich IP2 8RE
United Kingdom

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Maps and GPS directions to ActivShed and other Men's Sheds in the United Kingdom. Find your nearest Men's Sheds. The Men's Shed is a place where men can get together, join in activities and talk about what's on their mind. It is a fully equipped workshop where skilled and unskilled men can share time with each other, swap yarns and work together on community projects. Men's Sheds is a charitable not-for-profit association.

Men's Sheds:  Distance 
All Hallows Shed3.7 km2.3 miles SE
Stowmarket Meadlands Men's Shed21.1 km13.1 miles N
Gerald's Room37.1 km23 miles N
Leiston Men's Shed51.2 km31.8 miles NE
Halesworth Mens Shed51.9 km32.3 miles N
Nearby POI: Distance 
Harvest Fuel Ipswich0.8 km0.5 miles S
ASDA Ipswich IP2 9EG1 km0.6 miles SW
Phones LTD4.3 km2.7 miles N

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