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Hillcrest Boulevard Shopping Centre
Cnr Duxbury Rd & Duncan Rd
Durban 4000

South Africa

   Phone: +(012) 362 1610
Woolworths Lynnwood Rd

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Maps and GPS directions to Woolworths Lynnwood Rd and other Woolworths in South Africa. Find your nearest Woolworths. Woolworths Holdings Limited is a South African-based retail group, a respected chain of retail stores offering discerning customers a selected range of quality clothing, food, homeware, beauty and financial services under its own brand name. Woolworths Holdings also owns Country Road Limited, a leading clothing and homeware retailer listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Woolworths Holdings is not related to the Woolworths Australia (supermarket chain).

Woolworths:  Distance 
Woolworths Brooklyn1.9 km1.2 miles S
Woolworths Arcadia2.6 km1.6 miles N
Woolworths Waterkloof Heights4 km2.5 miles S
Woolworths Sunny Park4.5 km2.8 miles NW
Woolworths Balfour Park4.8 km3 miles S
Nearby POI: Distance 
Pharmacy Pretoria / Lynnwood0.1 km0.1 miles SE
STA Travel Hatfield0.8 km0.5 miles NW
Shell Hatfield Pretoria1.4 km0.8 miles N

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POI link: Woolworths Lynnwood Rd