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Dunajska cesta 50
1000 Ljubljana


   Phone: +386 1 475 78 13
KBS banka Ljubljana III

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Maps and GPS directions to KBS banka Ljubljana III and other KBS banka locations in Slovenia. Find your nearest KBS banka. KBS banka je sodobna univerzalna banka z dolgoletno tradicijo v slovenskem prostoru. Banka izhaja iz Raiffeisen Banke d.d., ki je s prodajo junija 2016 presla pod okrilje druzbe Apollo Global Management in se preimenovala v KBS banko. Zańćetki banke segajo v leto 1992 z ustanovitvijo Krekove banke.

KBS Bank is a modern universal bank with a long tradition in the Slovenian area. The Bank derives from Raiffeisen Bank d.d. that by selling June 2016 came under the umbrella of Apollo Global Management and renamed to KBS Bank. The beginnings of the bank began in 1992 with the establishment of Krekova bank.

KBS banka:  Distance 
KBS banka Ljubljana II0.1 km0 miles SE
KBS banka Ljubljana I1.6 km1 miles S
KBS banka Kranj26.5 km16.5 miles N
Nearby POI: Distance 
Kitajski dvor Ljubljana0.4 km0.2 miles S
Petrol Ljubljana/Dunajska 700.5 km0.3 miles N
Petrol Ljubljana/Tivolska1 km0.6 miles S
Carglass Ljubljana1.4 km0.9 miles N
Lidl Ljubljana 10003.8 km2.4 miles E

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