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Please note: Business hours may not be accurate due to CORONA-19 related restrictions.
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Campo dos Reis-Rende
Paredes de Coura
4940-533 Paredes de Coura


   Phone: +351 251 781 017
Intermarché Contact Paredes de Coura

Contact Details
Phone:251 781 017
Store ID:2163
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Opening Hours
Open:9h às 20h

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Maps and GPS directions to Intermarché Contact Paredes de Coura and other Intermarché supermarkets in Portugal. Find your nearest Intermarché supermarkets. Intermarché is a chain of supermarkets noted for their convenient locations. Intermarché proposes attractive prices, with emphasis on the freshness and quality of their products, and all of this in a store of a "people-friendly" size, found nearby.

Intermarché supermarkets:  Distance 
Intermarché Super Ponte de Lima17.8 km11.1 miles S
Intermarché Super Arcos de Valdeve18.8 km11.7 miles S
Intermarché Super Vila Verde31.5 km19.6 miles S
Intermarché Super Viana do Castelo34.8 km21.6 miles S
Intermarché Contact Terras de Bour35.3 km21.9 miles S
Nearby POI: Distance 
BP PAREDES DE COURA0.4 km0.2 miles S
Lidl Ponte De Lima15.7 km9.7 miles S

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