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Auchan Cergy

Boulevard de l'Oise
entrée rue de la Croix de Maheux
95000 Cergy

Phone: +33

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Maps and GPS directions to Auchan Cergy and other Auchan Stores in France. Find your nearest Auchan Stores. Auchan SA is an international retail group and multinational corporation headquartered in Lille, France.
Auchan has branches in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Morocco, China, Romania and Taiwan.
The basic principle of Auchan is to deliver a product whose origin is not hidden and can make life easier for the client. Auchan seeks to prove that a company can help the customer and be an environmentally-conscious company.

Auchan Stores:  Distance 
Auchan Osny4.4 km2.7 miles N
Auchan Taverny15.6 km9.7 miles SE
Auchan Meru21.5 km13.4 miles N
Auchan Beauvais41.4 km25.7 miles N
Auchan Tremblay En France48.5 km30.1 miles SE
Nearby POI: Distance 
H&M Cergy0.1 km0 miles SW
Carrefour Cergy1 km0.6 miles S
Lidl Pontoise2.2 km1.4 miles N

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