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Stjepana Radića 9


   Phone: +385 72201829
OTP banka Rovinj/2

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Maps and GPS directions to OTP banka Rovinj/2 and other OTP Bank Branches in Croatia. Find your nearest OTP Bank Branches. OTP Bank Group is one of the largest independent financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe with full range of banking services for private individuals and corporate clients. The bank is serving clients in 9 countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Ukraine, Montenegro and Russia.

Please note: Business hours may not be accurate due to CORONA-19 related restrictions. Please contact your local store to get the most updated information.

OTP Bank Branches:  Distance 
OTP banka Buzet0.3 km0.2 miles NW
OTP banka Rovinj0.8 km0.5 miles NW
OTP banka Poreč17.3 km10.7 miles N
OTP banka Žminj30.4 km18.9 miles NE
OTP banka Pazin37.2 km23.1 miles NE
Nearby POI: Distance 
Konzum Rovinj/50.1 km0.1 miles SW
Konzum Rovinj/40.6 km0.4 miles NW
Konzum Rovinj/60.8 km0.5 miles SE
Konzum Rovinj/70.9 km0.6 miles NE
Konzum Rovinj1.2 km0.7 miles NW
Lidl Rovinj0.7 km0.4 miles N

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POI link: OTP banka Rovinj/2