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Begov Han
72233 Begov Han Bb

Bosnia and Herzegovina

   Phone: +387 32 684 088
Petrol Begov Han


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Phone:+387 32 684 088
Fax:+387 32 684 088

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Maps and GPS directions to Petrol Begov Han and other Petrol Service Stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Find your nearest Petrol Service Stations. Petrol is the leading Slovenian energy company, the principal strategic supplier of oil and other energy products to the market through an extensive distribution network of proprietary service stations.
Petrol's advantage over competitors is its extensive network of 464 modern service stations in Europe.

Petrol Service Stations:  Distance 
Petrol Zenica Crkvice 16.5 km 10.3 mi 🡣
Petrol Vitez 27.7 km 17.2 mi 🡧
Petrol Derventa 71.5 km 44.4 mi 🡡
Petrol Banja Luka 1 Ivana Gorana Kov 99.4 km 61.8 mi 🡠
Petrol Banja Luka 2 Bilećka 99.9 km 62.1 mi 🡠
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