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Free GPS listing service for franchises, small and medium business.

List yout business location in our POI zone and make it easier for your customers to find you.

You can list your business for use with the most popular personal GPS navigation devices.

We provide your business location details as a points-of-interest database for
Garmin, TomTom, Route 66, Navman, Nokia, Destinator, etc. (more)

Self service

   List your business location in 3 easy steps.

1. Move the pin to mark your business location on the map.
2. Enter some business description, address and phone number. Your location should be marked with a target.
3. Press the button to submit the data.
Read this first: How to list your business POI? (help)

Description example: USA, Health, Rosa D. Wynn, D.M.D., 12948 Village Dr. Ste B, Saratoga CA 95070 >+(408) 257-1272


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