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1. Müller Stores
GPS POI: Shopping in Hungary - Müller has stores in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Slovenia and Croatia. They sell perfumes, stationary, toys, DVD movies and music CDs, commodities, fashion accessories and over-the-counter drugs.

2. SPAR Szupermarket Ajka
GPS Map: SPAR Szupermarket Ajka - Ifjúság utca 9.

3. Shell Ajka
GPS Map: Shell Ajka - Fő

4. Lidl Ajka
GPS Map: Lidl Ajka - Hársfa u. 1/A

5. Vodafone Ajka
GPS Map: Vodafone Ajka - Szabadság tér 20

6. Penny Ajka
GPS Map: Penny Ajka - Fő Út 7.

7. Müller Ajka
GPS Map: Müller Ajka - Fö ut 29

8. OMV Ajka
GPS Map: OMV Ajka - Pefőfi u.

9. Business listing service (free to almost free)
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