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1. Lidl
GPS POI: Shopping in Hungary - Lidl is an European discount supermarket chain of German origin that operates over 10,000 stores across Europe. It belongs to the holding company Schwarz, which also owns the store chains Handelshof and Kaufland.

2. Lidl Brugge 8200
GPS Map: Lidl Brugge 8200 - Torhoutse Steenweg

3. Lidl Veszprém 8200
GPS Map: Lidl Veszprém 8200 - Cholonky u. 29/1

4. Lidl Lohja
GPS Map: Lidl Lohja - Reunakatu 1

5. Lidl Veszprém
GPS Map: Lidl Veszprém - Észak-keleti útgyűrű 2

6. Lidl Sedan
GPS Map: Lidl Sedan - Avenue de la Marne

7. Lidl Albufeira
GPS Map: Lidl Albufeira - Estrada dos Caliços

8. Lidl Aarhus N
GPS Map: Lidl Aarhus N - Skejbyvej 499

9. Lidl Stores in Europe
POI Updates and Downloads Forum: All Lidl stores in Europe are listed here: Lidl Austria:

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11. Re: Lidl Swords
Topics Forum: That is a shame. I sometimes need to go urgently and whilst in Lidl the other day I just asked and they opened the staff door and let me through. Just...

12. Edit KML-file
Technology Forum: I looking for an easy way to edit a kml-file. If I open my KML ifle (lidl stores in nl) in google earth I see an icon and a description. I like to...

13. Favourites v POIs etc
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14. Business listing service (free to almost free)
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