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1. ALDI Stores (Germany)
GPS POI: Shopping in Germany - ALDI is a leader in the international grocery retailing industry. With a network of more than 5,000 stores ALDI serves Europe, the USA and Australia. The ALDI name is synonymous with high quality and great value products. They provide customers with the products they buy regularly - ensure those products are of market leading quality and offer them at guaranteed low prices. It is a simple model that continues to be embraced by millions of people around the world. The secret to ALDI's success is found in their exclusive brand strategy, which allows them to offer excellent quality food and non-food products at unbeatable prices that our customers know they can rely on.

2. Aldi Eschweiler
GPS Map: Aldi Eschweiler - Florianweg 6

3. Aldi Eschweiler 52249
GPS Map: Aldi Eschweiler 52249 - Dürener Straße 282

4. Aldi Eschweiler-Dürwiß
GPS Map: Aldi Eschweiler-Dürwiß - Am Fließ 8

5. Aral Tankstelle Eschweiler St
GPS Map: Aral Tankstelle Eschweiler St - Stolberger Straße 64

6. Aral Tankstelle Eschweiler Ru
GPS Map: Aral Tankstelle Eschweiler Ru - Rue de Wattrelos 11

7. Media Markt Eschweiler
GPS Map: Media Markt Eschweiler - Auerbachstr. 30

8. Shell Eschweiler
GPS Map: Shell Eschweiler - A4 Aachener Land Sued

9. GPS prices
SatNav Discussion Forum: Just a brief price check what you get for your money: - GPS module $1 - $2 - touchscreen $5 - $10 - plastic case $2 - $5 - battery $2-$10 ...

10. Gopal Austrlian maps
GPS Software and Gadgets Forum: Yes, I have just got a Gopal medion GPS from Aldi in Australia and its got the Aussie map. I am after the US maps? Maybe swap?

11. GPS Medion GoPal maps for NZ & OZ
GPS Software and Gadgets Forum: Hi, We have a Medion GPS purchased from Aldi in Ireland. We will be moving to NZ in the next month or so and we are looking for maps of NZ and Aust...

12. Spoken speed warning
Speed and redlight camera POI Forum: Hi guys , one big question for you....I fell in love with a navigator that was sold by ALDI a few months back which has a spoken reminder of changing ...

13. Medion GPS
GPS Software and Gadgets Forum: Hi Medion does not seem to be a bad brand as is most of the Aldi's products. If you have to buy one to test it there probably won't be any left ...

14. Business listing service (from virtually to literally free)
GPS Tools: Promoted and self-promoted business listings. List your business in 3 easy steps. It takes about 2 minutes to list and verify your ...