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1. Netto
GPS POI: Shopping in Denmark - Netto is a part of a Danish owned discount grocery chain. Part of the A.P. Møller-Mærsk Gruppen, a £3 billion company covering everything from transportation, logistics and distribution right through to retailing, Netto is a private limited company operating under the Dansk Supermarked A/S umbrella of companies. The group operates a number of successful retail chains across Europe. These include Bilka and Fotex, which are two of the largest and most respected hypermarket chains in Denmark. And like Netto, Fotex and Bilka are committed to offering a high level of service at competitive prices in both fresh and non-food goods in Denmark.
2. Netto Aalborg 9000 4
GPS Map: Netto Aalborg 9000 4 - Alexander Foss Gade 30
3. Netto Aalborg 9000 3
GPS Map: Netto Aalborg 9000 3 - Vestre Allé 3
4. Netto Aalborg 9000 2
GPS Map: Netto Aalborg 9000 2 - Skelagervej 301
5. Netto Aalborg 9000
GPS Map: Netto Aalborg 9000 - Danmarksgade 41
6. Netto Aalborg 9000 1
GPS Map: Netto Aalborg 9000 1 - Vesterbro 99
7. Netto Aalborg
GPS Map: Netto Aalborg - Hadsundvej 75b
8. Netto Aalborg Sø
GPS Map: Netto Aalborg Sø - Vissevej 1
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