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1. Gasprom Stations (Bulgaria)
GPS POI: Petrol in Bulgaria - Gasprom petrol stations in Bulgaria.
Gazprom (Gazovaya Promyshlennost) is one of the world's largest Russian based companies with headquarters in Moscow and a number of subsidiaries in various industrial sectors, as well as majority stakes in various companies.

2. Gazprom Doboj

3. Gazprom Niš
GPS Map: Gazprom Niš - Vizantijski Bulevar bb

4. Gazprom Srebrenik
GPS Map: Gazprom Srebrenik - Tuzlanski put bb

5. Gazprom Srebrenik 2
GPS Map: Gazprom Srebrenik 2 - Previla bb

6. Gazprom Cazin
GPS Map: Gazprom Cazin - Puškari bb

7. Gazprom Mostar

8. Gazprom Timisoara 1
GPS Map: Gazprom Timisoara 1 - DN 69 km 6 +885

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