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1. IKEA stores (Austria)
GPS POI: Shopping in Austria - IKEA has stores all over the world. There are about 12,000 products in the total IKEA product range. Each store carries a selection of 12000 products depending on store size. The core range is the same worldwide. Spending a day at IKEA is an event for the whole family: shopping, play areas, restaurants with healthy, affordable dishes and much more. Here you'll find some ideas to get the most out of your visit.

GPS Map: IKEA - 6000 IKEA Way

3. IKEA Sydney
GPS Map: IKEA Sydney - IKEA Homebush

4. IKEA Charlotte
GPS Map: IKEA Charlotte - 8300 IKEA Blvd.

5. IKEA Frisco
GPS Map: IKEA Frisco - 7171 IKEA Drive

6. IKEA Memphis
GPS Map: IKEA Memphis - 7900 IKEA Way

7. IKEA Dallas
GPS Map: IKEA Dallas - 7171 IKEA Drive

8. IKEA Las Vegas
GPS Map: IKEA Las Vegas - 6500 IKEA WAY

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12. Preparing .gpx files for use in Volvo Sensus satnav
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14. Business listing service (from virtually to literally free)
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