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1. Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge Barri
GPS Map: Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge Barrie - 307 Cundles Road East
2. Lexus Barrie
GPS Map: Lexus Barrie - Lexus of Barrie
3. Subway Barrie
GPS Map: Subway Barrie - N Barrie Crossing Shopping Ctr
4. Subway Barrie ON L4M 6M2
GPS Map: Subway Barrie ON L4M 6M2 - The Royal Victoria Hosp Barrie
5. EB Games Barrie ON
GPS Map: EB Games Barrie ON - Smartcentre Barrie South
6. Scotiabank Barrie
GPS Map: Scotiabank Barrie - Barrie Financial Centre
7. Harvey's Restaurant Barrie
GPS Map: Harvey's Restaurant Barrie - 10 Barrie View Dr. Home Depot
8. ServiceOntario Barrie
GPS Map: ServiceOntario Barrie - Barrie West
9. Re: Navman store
Navman Forum: Yeah thanks I have tried that but for the 600 series there are no new updates, so it looks like I have to keep buying street directories again. Thanks...
10. satnav takes to wrong place
Technology Forum: The address is 46 Barrie Pavement. Coordinates are 51.6034739,0.5200982 Could you please update this so satnav takes people to the correct plac...
11. What version maps does everyone have for the 6 series Navman
SatNav Discussion Forum: I have an iCN 620 that my wife bought me from Dick Smith for Xmas, the maps are all V3.5 is that the same as everyone else? According to SmartST Desk...
12. Where to get more recent mapping software
Navman Forum: Hi guys, firstly let me say that the POI stuff for Navman is pretty good, but as things change I'm going to update my list and send the updates in to ...
13. Business listing service
GPS Tools: List your business in 3 easy steps. It takes about 2 minutes to list and verify your ...