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1. Car Services
GPS POI: Automotive in Czech Republic - Car service locations in Czech Republic.
2. Dealers and services
GPS POI: Automotive in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Your local authorized car dealer and service station can provide convenient customer service.
3. Bridal Services
GPS POI: Store Locator in Australia - GPS store locator: Bridal studios, wedding photographers and wedding services in Australia.
4. Hino Truck Services
GPS POI: Automotive in Australia - Find your nearest Hino Dealers and truck & bus service centres in Australia. New and used, light, medium and heavy duty trucks and buses, parts and service locations. Hino has a long-standing reputation for building durable and reliable trucks and buses for the Australian climate.
5. 24Biz Online services
GPS Map: 24Biz Online services - 2021E 3rd St.
6. 1Northwest Security Services
GPS Map: 1Northwest Security Services - 122 May St North
7. Healing Heart Psychic Services
GPS Map: Healing Heart Psychic Services - 22192 Salisbury Dr
8. BoA ATM Mission Valley Center Remote 2 -
GPS Map: BoA ATM Mission Valley Center Remote 2 - Near Master Cuts
9. NRMA Kiama
GPS Map: NRMA Kiama - Fulpat Services Pty Ltd
10. HSBC ATM Elwick A19 Services Hartlepool
GPS Map: HSBC ATM Elwick A19 Services Hartlepool - A19 Services
11. Roadchef Sedgemoor Services
GPS Map: Roadchef Sedgemoor Services - Sedgemoor Services
12. GP Boonah
GPS Map: GP Boonah - Boonah Health Services General Practice GP Services
13. Travelodge Warrington Lymm Services
GPS Map: Travelodge Warrington Lymm Services - Lymm Services
14. Cate Madill Speech Pathology & Voice Con
GPS Map: Cate Madill Speech Pathology & Voice Consultancy Services Westmead - Suite 3
15. Re: Adding POI to my 250W
Garmin Forum: POI Loader is used for UPLOAD your POI list to your GPS. POI Editing (adding,removing,editing waypoint information) s/b done manually in .csv sheet,sa...
16. Editing POI files on My Android Phone
GPS POI Tools Forum: Thanks for a great utility to create my own POI file for TOM TOM . Now I have got it on my android smart phone is there any way of editing it there...
17. Garmin service cost
Garmin Forum: I've been using the 1690 for about six weeks now and I love it. What really sold me on it was the live services, especially the google search and whit...
18. Centrelink split and reform to improve government services
POI Updates and Downloads Forum: Centrelink and all similar government services are clearly not meeting people's demands and expectations. I suggest splitting these services to 2 part...
19. Incorrect postcode for address!
Technology Forum: Thank you for elaborating, I don't think my property qualifies as a POI !!! It used to be a hotel, it's also been a nursing home, but now it's just my...
20. Business listing service (free to almost free)
GPS Tools: List your business in 3 easy steps. It takes about 2 minutes to list and verify your ...