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1. French speed cameras
GPS POI: Safety in France - All in one - All French camera locations in a single file.
2. Car Services
GPS POI: Automotive in Czech Republic - Car service locations in Czech Republic.
3. Dealers and services
GPS POI: Automotive in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Your local authorized car dealer and service station can provide convenient customer service.
4. Bridal Services
GPS POI: Store Locator in Australia - GPS store locator: Bridal studios, wedding photographers and wedding services in Australia.
5. 24Biz Online services
GPS Map: 24Biz Online services - 2021E 3rd St.
6. 1Northwest Security Services
GPS Map: 1Northwest Security Services - 122 May St North
7. Healing Heart Psychic Services
GPS Map: Healing Heart Psychic Services - 22192 Salisbury Dr
GPS Map: FRENCH PASS SERVICES - French Pass Road (Main Road)
9. LPG English
GPS Map: LPG English - INDOT-Grantsburg Maintenance Unit
10. English Street Consulting Rooms
GPS Map: English Street Consulting Rooms - 20 English St
11. US Post Office English
GPS Map: US Post Office English - 111 S Indiana Ave
12. Save-A-Lot English
GPS Map: Save-A-Lot English - 1126 Highway 62 W Corydon
13. English BMV License Agency
GPS Map: English BMV License Agency - 104 Deerwood St.
14. Dollar General English
GPS Map: Dollar General English - 777 Sr 64
15. Re: New larger icons and sound files
Garmin Forum: Free for all, thanks to davidxhoward! [img:db80cdf682][/img:db80cdf682] ...
16. Garmin Nuvi55 - Memory usage / french voice
Garmin Forum: I have just done an update and have lost the French voice. I've done some investigation with file explorer and there are only 2MB free. The vpm files ...
17. New larger icons and sound files
Garmin Forum: Since my last attempt at sound files I have spent some time on creating some better icons; these appear almost the same size (on my 2699 LMT-D anyway)...
18. Answer machine
POI Updates and Downloads Forum: Talking to a machine is degrading and humiliating particularly when the machine does not understand what you say in plain English. Having the option o...
19. Garmin service cost
Garmin Forum: I've been using the 1690 for about six weeks now and I love it. What really sold me on it was the live services, especially the google search and whit...
20. Business listing service (free to almost free)
GPS Tools: List your business in 3 easy steps. It takes about 2 minutes to list and verify your ...