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1. Snap Printing
GPS POI: Computers in Australia - Australian Snap Printing Centres for business printing, web & graphic design and catalogues. Find your local Snap Printing location.
2. Australia Post
GPS POI: Postcodes in Australia - Australia Post is the Australian Government-owned corporation responsible for reliable and affordable postal mail and parcel delivery, retail, financial and travel services in Australia and its overseas territories. Find your local Australia Post office, franchised retail outlets, Licensed Post Offices (LPO) or Community Postal Agencies (CPA).
3. Camps South Australia
GPS POI: Accommodation in Australia - Campgrounds in South Australia (SA). Campgrounds and independent camping places where you would like to stay at least a couple of nights.
4. WiFi HotSpot
5. Hurley Flyer
GPS Map: Hurley Flyer - Marston's Two for One Pub
6. World's Largest Radio Flyer Red Wagon
7. McDonald's Australia Fair
GPS Map: McDonald's Australia Fair - Australia Fair Shopping Centre
8. EB Games Australia Fair
GPS Map: EB Games Australia Fair - Shop 1012
9. Suzanne Grae Australia Fair
GPS Map: Suzanne Grae Australia Fair - Australia Fair Shopping Centre
10. Priceline Australia Fair
GPS Map: Priceline Australia Fair - Australia Fair Shopping Centre
11. Nuvi Favourites saving to PC and Mac
Garmin Forum: What file are the favourites on the Nuvi 660 stored in. I have loads of locations I would hate to lose if it crashes or gets nicked. Is it also possib...
12. SD Cards + File Formats
Garmin Forum: Thanks for the response. That's what I've been doing over the last week. Took a flyer on a 4Mb card, albeit Garmin Tech say a maximum of 2Mb, and ...
13. Bought tomtom, how do I tell if the map is legit?
Technology Forum: I bought a "manufacturer refurbished" TomTom GO 720 via eBay Australia a couple of months ago. Subsequent conversations with TomTom Australi...
14. Every thing is expensive in Australia
Technology Forum: The fact is that because Australia puts massive import duties on goods Australians expect to pay more for all things. So the cost of everything is rel...
15. Camps WA
POI Updates and Downloads Forum: Last winter we did a trip through central Australia and then down the west cost of Western Australia to Perth and back to South Australia. Before leav...
16. Business listing service (free to almost free)
GPS Tools: List your business in 3 easy steps. It takes about 2 minutes to list and verify your ...