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Add and update your GPS locations, business information, hours and contact details.
Hide and protect your business email address from Internet trolls and yelpers.
Get your business location listed and found on the web, smartphones and cell phones, standalone, portable, personal and in-dash GPS devices.
Set up your business Customer Support and Staff Meeting video chat rooms

What do you get:

Your business web page, if you do not have one
Link to your official web page, if you have one
Global promotion, fast propagation, support for all popular devices
Secure email messaging service, if you want to protect your email address
Secure video chat service, if you want to provide better customer and office support
Carbon-neutral business listings and services

(No setup or termination fees)

Please choose one of the following local listing options:

▫   Small businesses (ads free, promoted and self-promoted listing options)

▫   Medium and large size businesses (contact us for a free promoted listing)

▫   NGO, Gov and Edu (contact us - free promoted listing options are available)

▫   Listing agents and franchise managers (contact us - free promoted listing options are available)

▫   Real estate agents and managers (contact us for ads sponsored listings)

▫   Private & Custom POI (free listing)

▫   Members (log in to manage your POI files)

▫   Customer Support and Staff Meeting video chat (free, ads free, secure)

Currently available business listing categories:

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