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Post f20 internal memory fault is there a cure     
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Has anyone managed to copy the internal sd card because mine has packed up and wont let me copy anything from it or read it, so I've gone and got a new card but I've got bugger all to put on it.



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Anonymous wrote:
Right mine started to do this at about 15 months old, it had not been used for a few months.

So took it apart, to find the microcard inside as I assumed it may be the problem.

My first thought was why is it moving about so "moved" it about a bit and switched unit on, straight away it worked again, so assume that vibration could cause the card to disconnect, in my case to cure this I dripped some candle wax onto the chip and main pcb, still working at moment. Bluetack or similar could also work.

I'll try it out and see if it remains ok.

hope this helps others.

    I had the same fault, gave the Navman a tap on the desk,
    card must have slotted back, now working. thanks



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I got this error when I changed the internal Micro SD memory card to an EU map memory card. It worked for a day abroad then this error started coming up. I did not take the original memory card abroad with me so I thought my F20 had died completely. I think its possibly heat related as someone suggested but moving the memory card about did not solve the problem.

To access the memory card remove the sticker on the back of the sat nav that says "Navman F20....Canada" Etc or something along those lines. I put my original UK map micro SD card back in when I got back home and it works fine.

So if you get this problem I would suggest buying a new Micro SD card with the appropriate maps you had before off a cheap internet auction site (probably about £6) and then replacing your faulty one.

Navman will not tell you that this is the problem because they dont want you opening the unit.

Satman PL


Post Empty memory     
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I have same problem with internal memory. I opened a unit, removed a micro SD card, but when I put it into a reader Windows suggested me to format it...



Post Folders' structure in microSD     
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Hello. I have the same problem with my Navman F40. I could recover the files with the program "GetDataBack for FAT". However, I couldn't recover the name of folders, so although the device recognize the MicroSD, it can't access to the files.
Could anyone post the internal microSD folders structure?
Thank you very much.

Your Name


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