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wlibert4 wrote:

More to come!

Please let me know if we can make this process any faster or easier on our side (POI file structure).
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Post Re: How to add favourites to GPS in my 2016 Honda CRV     
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GerardRyanNL wrote:
Just bought a new 2016 CRV Honda - GPS is unfriendly compared to my portable Garmin.
The Honda 2016 CRV Navi is pitiful. It is too time consuming to enter and doesn't have the easy use Garmin screen.
Terrible, Terrible system on 2016 Honda CRV.

I know the handbook and instructions are really a pain and you may by now have solved your problem, but if you know what to do it's simple - just put in a destination as if you were planing a route a and when you find it there will be three options. The middle one is "i". If you select that you can then give it a name and save in your favourites.

I'm looking for the extra boxes (4 off) on the bottom of the journey screen that I used to have, but disappeared after an upgrade. Can't find the option to switch them on anywhere!!



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The GPS in 2016 Honda CRV is not Garmin. Honda provided its own GPS system. Not sure why.



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You have to make Navigation Map update. You can download each map/update as many times as you want within that 5 year period.
Here how can you do this:
Before the last step, you have a pendrive with some directories.
You have to download a new GPI database update from here: , or you have to save cameras as POI and make a GPI file from csv with the POI Loader.
Put the GPI file to the USB POI directory before you continue and finish the update. Do the last step.

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