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Tortu Red


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If Centrelink want to increase their income, they could always on-sell to interrogation groups, their choice of music used to torture telephone customers, who have miraculously managed to get past the robot to hopefully get to speak to a customer service representative.

I feel very sorry for the CSO's employed by Centrelink, as they end up with persons who have who have endured this tune, repeatedly.

Seriously, I can only assume that this music is selected with the purpose of getting customers to hang up.

I have only had to endure it for 25 minutes thus far; I anticipate a much longer wait before contact is made.

Thankfully I do not have a regular necessity to contact this agency.


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I want to be able to talk to the Port Adelaide centrelink office, Not be put onto some automated service that does not understand the question being asked. I have a mygov account. Have not used it for a few years, Forgotten my username, etc. Email has changed since then. What to do?



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I've been calling every number for Centrelink. I can find yet ALL of them insist on a centrelink customer number and, as I've never been a centerlnk customer, I don't have a customer number, so every number I've called is automated and hangs up on me, telling me I need a customer number to talk to a Centerlink staff member.

How do I get to speak to someone? I'm trying the complaints phone number now - maybe that will get me to a human I can speak to. This is so frustrating!



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I agree with Jammos, tried to upload my fin situation on line , file to big, can't send Email, no address, on the phone, as per Jammos. In this mod age still have to go CL office and wait forever in line.

guest 777


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They hope we either die or give up! Trying to navigate their deliberately created maze of phone numbers and super vague computer help is intended! Weren't computers meant to make it easier?!



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Three hours wasted trying to get help from Centrelink. They hang up so then you have to go through the long process of trying to talk to some one. If these people don't want there jobs then there are people that will take them. In the mean time, while we wait for them, people will just have to starve. Just think if we have Appointments with Centrelink, and we miss it, we get punished like little kids.
Respect works two ways.

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