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George H


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Thanks for telling us about the reset/revert setting.
I am on my second receiver/power cord. The receiver on the first cord worked intermittently after about a year. I called Garmin and they troubleshot the problem with me on the phone. Garmin said it was the receiver on the power cord. I did not want to spend the $60 for another cord so I kept using it without the traffic receiver until the power cord stopped charging my Garmin. I then purchased a replacement cord with a traffic receiver via Internet (cheaper cord than Garmin). It worked for about 9 months and then it stopped working about 90% of the time. Last week it began working again. This afternoon it stopped working. I took the advice of going to settings/traffic/ 3 bars/ revert and my receiver started working again. I just went out again and I could not get a traffic signal. I tried the reset again and I immediately got the receiver signal at the same location that I had no signal before the reset.



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I'm thinking along the lines that all sat nav companies are the same at live traffic!
I paid £90 for a year to TOMTOM for live services and got nothing. Contacted tomtom and didn't get anything back from them, so binned it!
Bought Garmin from Halfords, apparently with built in camera, it hasn't got on has the camera icon and clicks like a camera when touched but nothing!
Apple maps has now been taken over by TomTom, however that EATS data like a starved dragon.
It could be a case of trying online maps, all my friends use it and rave about it. Garmin has the app for iPhone/android which connects sat-phone, but whats the point of using both when the sat nav can see you home but not see traffic?
Angry of ESSEX

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Garmin forum Reply to topic Traffic receiver not working
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