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George H


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Thanks for telling us about the reset/revert setting.
I am on my second receiver/power cord. The receiver on the first cord worked intermittently after about a year. I called Garmin and they troubleshot the problem with me on the phone. Garmin said it was the receiver on the power cord. I did not want to spend the $60 for another cord so I kept using it without the traffic receiver until the power cord stopped charging my Garmin. I then purchased a replacement cord with a traffic receiver via Internet (cheaper cord than Garmin). It worked for about 9 months and then it stopped working about 90% of the time. Last week it began working again. This afternoon it stopped working. I took the advice of going to settings/traffic/ 3 bars/ revert and my receiver started working again. I just went out again and I could not get a traffic signal. I tried the reset again and I immediately got the receiver signal at the same location that I had no signal before the reset.



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I'm thinking along the lines that all sat nav companies are the same at live traffic!
I paid £90 for a year to TOMTOM for live services and got nothing. Contacted tomtom and didn't get anything back from them, so binned it!
Bought Garmin from Halfords, apparently with built in camera, it hasn't got on has the camera icon and clicks like a camera when touched but nothing!
Apple maps has now been taken over by TomTom, however that EATS data like a starved dragon.
It could be a case of trying online maps, all my friends use it and rave about it. Garmin has the app for iPhone/android which connects sat-phone, but whats the point of using both when the sat nav can see you home but not see traffic?
Angry of ESSEX



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Well, 18 months later the replacement now has the same wrong cable fault. It's only been used for around 1000. Clearly this device or a batch of them have an underlying problem.


GPS: Garmin 2598LMT

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You better check the map of your area coverage! I spent hours of conversation with Garmin's tech support, replaced cable then the unit itself, no change. When I checked coverage map it turned to be my area is not covered. That was it. I'm still waiting for coverage to include my area. Mad
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My company lives or dies based on GPS and reliable traffic information in major cities across the country. And I really like the idea of having a separate/dedicated device for this. Consequently, I really wanted to find a way to make my Garmin GPSs work. However, Garmin has never had a reliable traffic monitoring method. Every time I called Customer Support they had an excuse. First, it was because I did not have the right firmware upgrade. Then it was because I had a faulty unit, then because I did not the best accessory cable. Then it was because I did not have the latest device with the improved traffic monitoring method. (Heard this after each new unit.) Now, after using all their different traffic methods analog/digital, rf-based and old cell-based, internal antenna, external antenna, and now the latest cell phone-based traffic, our company has a box full of Garmin Devices. Some were pretty expensive. Not one had reliable traffic service (and yes, they were all LM T). So frustrating. ...and their tech support is so clueless on this, wasting customers time and money telling them to upgrade their device or reload the OS, buy more accessories, try new products, when traffic is never going to be reliable in the end no matter what they do. I would be more forgiving if this was Garmins first miss, but they know by now that they have been selling false promises for a long time with no end in sight. They clearly do not care because, in this day and age, there are *LOTS* of ways to getting more reliable real-time traffic information. Do not let Garmin fool you into believing that there is a current product (2018) or a fix that will give you any sort of reliable traffic service. Either Garmin needs to redesign the traffic system they are selling or they need to quit advertising that they can provide solid traffic information. To do otherwise just hurts their credibility as a company more and more.

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