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it is shame, we bought expensive GARMIN GPS, and it's audible warning doesn't work. If all the customers have the same complain, then why the producer dont want to repair it for people live in North America?



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When you exceed the limit, lights and sirens appear in your rear window.


GPS: Garmin 2598LMT

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I do not know why, but audible over speeding warning is not used in USA Garmin's. If you want to get audible signal you need to change LOCALITY to UK or any other European country. I've changed it to UK and I got the bong-bong warning. The only thing, I can't set up over speed limit. It signals 1 mile over limit. All icons for banks and road signs changed to UK, I don't mind.
To change locality after the GPS being set up you need to go to map screen then press speed icon to bring the dashboard screen, touch and hold round speedometer window until it switches to developer screen. Scroll to "locality" push it and choose whatever you need.
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I have the Garmin nuvi3490 and it does not have audible warning on overspeed,


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johmazz2006 wrote:
Totally agree. People are just too lazy these days, and make one wonder how they maintain a licence let alone pass the test.

How you feel about the question is sort of irrelevant. People are asking for and want a GPS Device that has an audible alert that should be available and user adjustable. This feature is certainly possible and aught to be available as an added protection from breaking the speed limit in the event you didn't see the last speed zone sign change.

Under your logic people are too lazy to use a map and there is no need for a GPS device. Sort of missing the point.


GPS: Garmin Nuvi 2699 LMT-D

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For me, the overspeed warning has always seemed a bit feeble; inclined to be lost in the background, and I set about a different way of keeping a clean licence....

Some time ago I uploaded a set of voice sounds that closely match the UK English female voice in my 2699 LMT; I'd imagine they are still here somewhere - all you then need to do is download the road safety POIs and create a gpi file using POI Loader - it's a bit of a chore the first time but easy enough - I also created a complete set of large custom icons that differentiate between camera types.

I found the best way of handling this whole operation is to have a folder with icons, sounds and just update the POI files monthly, then create a fresh GPI file and load on to the device.

I always date the files and keep the previous iteration in case there's a problem but haven't had any issues up to now.... You'll now get a voice warning for each camera by type, (and some by speed) a sensible distance before so you can adjust your speed; including potential mobile sites.

By the way, here's the original posting where the files can be found, right-click on the icons to save (I think)


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I have just changed from a Navman MY600LMT which has the overspeed limit alert (sounds like a very big cow bell) and is adjustable, 5 and 10kms over the limit which I set at 5kms. I changed just recently to the Garmin Driveassist 50LMT because I wanted the dash camera and also Lane Departure and Collision Warning features but very disappointed that the overspeed limit alert doesn't give this same feature as the Navman.
To say wanting an decent audible warning and the option to set the overspeed limit is lazy is a stupid statement. Try driving around Sydney where the speed limit on many roads constantly change between 40, 50, 60, 70kmh. It's hard enough taking in all what's going on through the windscreen let alone having to constantly glance down at the speedo let alone the SatNav.



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Hi, following the next steps
Map and Vehicle
Audible speed alerts disabled

hope it helps


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Hi. I have a Nuvi 52. and it shows the speed limit for the road you are driving on and the actual speed of the vehicle. Which is great but if it only had audible warning it would mean I wouldn't have to spend so much time looking at the speedometer instead of watching the road. Come on Garmin get with it.



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I have been a Garmin fan since I purchased my first Street pilot in 2005 have have 4 difffedrant Garmin GPS units since. The company I work for are getting harder on speeding and have fitted tracking device in my car I need a device that will warn me of overspeed not just turn red.


GPS: Garmin Zumo 350LM

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It's not a feature on my Zumo350LM either
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Have just purchased a Garmin Drive 50LM and wonder of wonders they have finally put in an Audible overspeed warning. It has a single tone or three tones. Just fantastic. Choose one from settings menu.

GPS: COMAND SYSTEM; Garmin Nuvi 3790T

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I used to upload customised mp3 with poi files together. It works well.
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Charles H2


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I have been reading the above remarks and comments with great interest. I resent the disparaging remarks about "taking responsibility for your driving habits" etc. I currently own 2 TomToms, and One Garmin Nuvi 2595LM which I use extensively in Europe, and I would like these people to note the following: In France, they post speed limit road sings on the main roads but NOT approaching or in local villages and town, therefore it is necessary to have some kind of speed indication and alerts, also different villages and towns have different speeds, NOT all indicated. I don't like using the TomToms in Australia due to the time-lag and the 7k/m over limit before warning.

I wear glasses and sometimes find it difficult to see the speedometer and or the satnav due to bad lighting/glare/re-focus time etc. therefore I think speed alerts and speed indications are essential, and if I feel I need this, why can't I have it, after all, I'm spending good money on a so-called device that should work the way the customer requires, because if it wasn't for us customers, there would be no Garmin/TomTom etc. Also, I find it MUCH easier to be able to (relax) and concentrate on the road and my driving etc without having to constantly watch the speedo or satnav (just listen). When one is driving on a trip of around 2 to 3 thousand kilometers, keeping your speed up is vital and watching the speedo becomes very tiresome. So now I'm going to have to see if I can buy another (brand), one which does have speed indication and alerts so I can enjoy my trips.

Thank you and have a great trip.



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To get audible alert of speed limit , change the 'locale' to 'European'. It will not affect your Americam maps.

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