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I had my maps upgraded in March 2014. My old map included Spain. My daughter leaves for Spain in two days, no maps. How dare they to remove a programme that I had pay'd for, and is mine. Unless I get satisfaction very quickly i will start my own campaign to inform the public about Tomtom.
Heinz Glaser
British Columbia Canada



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I've had it with TomTom. MY TomTom 0ne 130 worked fine for 3 or 4 years.
Then the cheezy miniUSB plug wore out causing the GPS to freeze with a red X on the initial screen. None of the suggested reset ideas suggested do anything. Connecting it to the computer (Win 7) does nothing as it does not show up as a drive in windows. Thus the program can't be reloaded. It is not dead as I can pull up a text display on the GPS listing the software versions and copyright info. Just acts dead with the computer. TomTom is rubbing salt into the wounds by sending marketing email for "great cheap maps" and accessories. Thanks,Duh, it is DEAD.

So I unsubscribed and bought a Garmin GPS instead.


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I purchased a Start 25 as a gift. It was used 5 times, still in mint condition with screen protector in tact and stopped working after only 13 months. Tomtom's response is to buy another one ...... erm so why will I buy a product with only 13 months life expectancy !?! Sad



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Service still poor! I could only get through to India! Ordered a couple of dashmounts a month ago but haven't seen them yet. They claim problems with the courier company had wrong addresses, wrong courier company and the people in India had no idea where either addresses were. Still haven't seen my dashmount - but the money disappeared form the account immediately!


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In my opinion, TomTom is hopeless. They don't honour discount codes and their customer service is an useless waste of time.



Post Bad product and bad business practices!     
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I have a 2015 Mazda CX-5 auto and it has the Tom Tom build in the dash. When I got it, the map was obsolete, and then I tried to download the updated version, it didn't work. So now I am driving a vehicle with old maps and missing streets where I live. I called the Mazda dealership where I bought the vehicle and asked if I could get a new map on a card. The answer was yes for $399.00 plus tax. I called the Tom Tom number for help: forget them, they are terrible. If I was to choose another gps it would not be a tom tom. Hey, you Tomtom/Mazda guys, your product sucks and so do your business practices.
An angry American


GPS: Garmin 760

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Should anyone need them, here are the numbers for TomTom Customer Support:

Customer service: 020 7949 0129
Technical support: 020 7949 0134

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I bought as TOMTOM three days ago, I have returned it, and bought a Garmin, because I also could get NO help, NO support, NO information at all from TOMTOM, after trying for days. I had TOMTOM before, I liked it, but not anymore...



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I have called both (877) 757-7137 and (866) 486-6866. Both numbers put me in touch with Tom Tom customer service.
Good luck
Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m EST


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The email addresses for the USA and the Netherlands bounced backand are no longer working.

Also the updated information for the USA Corporate head office is as follows:

TomTom North America Inc.
Mr. George Bremser (CEO)
11 Lafayette Street
Lebanon, NH 03766-1445
United States
Phone #: 603-643-0330
Fax #: 603-653-0249

Hope this information helps everyone out.
This is as of Sept 9 2018

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