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One year later, they continue to have phone system problems! I have made 15 calls, disconnected, hung-up on, transfered to nothing, transfered to a dutch message and then hung up on, ahhhhh!!! I just spent 400 euros on a TomTom with an European map SD that doesn't work! It has no info on it and the electronics store will not exchange it, I am leaving for Spain in 2 weeks, I live in Amsterdam where the head office is. Probally will have to buy another map though just paid for this one, this is how it often works in Holland.

They need to take my 400 euros and get a phone company to come and sort their rubish out, and then hire enough employees to assist their customer service needs... Crash n burn tom tom

Btw sent an e-mail 8 days ago, no response there yet either.



Post downloading maps     
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I'm new here but just to add my experience...

I've bought a brand new map (version 7 of western europe) and have been told it's available as an automatic download using HOME 2.

Well that's complete nonsense.

The only apparently available map is the one I save to my computer 18 months ago.

£50 later, a week of european travel ahead and not a jot of appropriate support to be seen.



Post Australian number changed     
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The Australian number has changed to 02 9490 3600



Post Support     
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Unlike many of you I was able to get through to someone on the phone fast. However, I have never met more arrogant and rude man in all my life. Twice I was given verbal crap about must be my computer or must be this or that.
Fix was easy.
Just needed a bigger SD card and a reset. whalla new maps.


Post TomTom Service-A Real Runaround     
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I am stunned and furious by the customer service I received at TomTom. When I got a new cell phone I was able to install my Nav5 on it which Michael in tech support said couldn't be done but helped me do. It took hours but I was able to install it and it works perfectly. I was delighted to share how I did it on my HTC Touch phone with the tech Michael who said he wanted to know how I did it, so he could help others.

But then the tech told me that my maps were very out of date. One of the options was to upgrade to NAV6; another was to get a stand-alone unit. He unhesitatingly recommended that I get the One XL-S, that it would be perfect for me and we shopped online together for a good price. Based on his recommendation (after hours on the phone with him), I bought that from

When I received it, it didn't work with my phone! So all the Plus services, including Traffic and handsfree phine didn't work!!! When I called back to say that I was upset that the tech didn't check my phone (and my service provider--which also affects services you can get), I was given every conceivable excuse, the worst being that he probably just didn't know and so what, it's not their fault! I was told other stuff like, I should have researched it myself (what was I doing with tech support at TomTom, the horse's mouth?), that the company wasn't responsible for the tech's advice (I guess no one taught them about the legal concept of "agency", that I might have made the whole thing up, that I should have told him to check my phone and a whole bunch of other BS.

No one seemed to care that I would incur charges for returning the unit, a 15% restocking fee, my time and energy, etc. Dustin, the supervisor, repeated the same but gave me a reference number and said my complaint would be escalated to "Specialized Support" and I would get a response within 72 hours. When I didn't, I called back, waited on hold for an hour (after the many hours I already spent) and was told that "Cole" the person from the escalated support, who was supposed to call me back was too busy, but promised that Cole would get back to me and that this tech was going to talk to the supervisor "Dustin" about doing something to correct this. No one has ever called back.

The Bottom line: as much as I would like to get the GO 930T or 730T (the only way I can get traffic and handsfree with my phone), I will not only not buy a TomTom, but will follow up with corporate and post on every complaint board I can find. If you know of others, let me know.

The childlike company attitude seems deliberate, like no one's watching the store, the kids are running wild and who gives a damn about you customers, we're having a ball giving you the run around.

I wish I could be more coherent in writing about this but I'm so angry, all I can do is squall about it. The only was to fight this type of abuse is to avoid the company.


Post Re: TomTom Service-A Real Runaround     
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Hey man! What a ride! I agree, they do not care. I asked TT help line how to install their software to HTC smartphone. Waste of time...



Post Tomtom Phone Support     
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Hi All,
I've just spent £30.00 on new map updates for France, TomTom took the money from me in seconds and managed to send 3 separate emails detailing this, only for me to find that the download isn't available, it just isn't there. I've tried for hours to get in touch with them, the Tomtom phone number they list is just a front. All you get are automated messages telling you that the phone lines are busy and to try online. We all know how far that gets you.



Post Tom Tom ONE XL     
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Tom Tom One XL
I bought this device from Halfords 6 months ago and on 03 Aug bought a Maps upgrade for £29.95) via the Tom Tom webpage. I was told I would get instructions via email on how to download onto my satnav. These instructions have not arrived and I have spent a great deal of time and money via the Telephone Number 0845 161 0009 where I go through the usual automated selection process, then I hear wretched music for many minutes (remember this is an 0845 number!) and no one answers.
My recommendation: Do not buy a TomTom. If you already have one: do not waste your money on an upgrade.
I am going down to Halfords this afternoon to put this Tom Tom in their skip and I will buy some other satnav.



Post TomTom - Lack of customer service     
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On 31 July 2008, I sent a question to TomTom's Customer Support services team regarding my annual subscription to the Traffic and Radar service. I received an automated reply on the same day, stating that I would receive a reply within 2 working days, meaning by end of business on Monday 4 August 2008. On 4 August 2008, I received a new message from TomTom's Customer Support services team, excusing themselves for not responding to my query yet, and informing me that they will contact me "once possible", and thanking me for my understanding. Then I heard nothing from them for 3 weeks. On 25 August 2008, I received the following reply (translated): "Dear Sir, We thank you for the message which you sent to the TomTom Customer Support Team. We cannot reach your request. Thank you for your comprehension. We hope to have answered your question. If you have questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to communicate them to us. Best regards, TomTom Customer Support Team". This is their answer after 1 month! It is totally unacceptable. I have written them anew and sent fax and am waiting for a reply. Let's see. I am not sure whether I will buy another TomTom product in the future.


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afgboy07 wrote:
I have tryed calling tomtom on the number provided but they just put you on hold and then they just hangup.

Does anybody know another number?

I have just spent 7 hours on the phone over the last 3 days with Tom Tom trying to get my tom tom Rider 2 repaired... and have been given nothing but the runaround. Its the worst system and service I have ever come across... Im disgusted that one year later and 600 euros poorer Í still don't have a system that works...


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Post TomTom Customer Service will not Answer     
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My experience with Tom Tom was similar, just had issues with the device, Tom Tom were not helpful. Luckily it was under warranty and after numerous repairs and complaints I was able to get a full refund. Purchased a garmin and have not had a need to contact them yet, but after two years the 310 is working great.
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TomTom today announced a reduction of its global workforce as a cost cutting programme. About 115 staff will get "You're Fired!" email.



Post TomTom customer support     
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Bought a brand new TomTom Go740 Live this Xmas. Works as a satnav but no live services despite 3 months of them included in the price of the unit. 1 month & many calls later TomTom customer support decide the unit is broken, but it's 'outside the warranty' despite the fact it's still less than 2 months old. After more frustrating calls, TomTom compromise that I didn't understand what they meant by outside the warranty & they will be able to repair it if I choose.

My store, bless them, replaced the Tom tom within 24 hours of my emailing them for advice. Sadly though the new unit won't download the latest map update unless I pay TomTom for the privilege, although TomTom promise a free upgrade to the latest maps with the purchase.

The moral is 'Buy from a good store but Don't bother with TomTom' (unless you like hours of frustrating calls and poor customer service).


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Post Tomtom Questions     
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I have great experiences if you ask a question via the support website.
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Post Ticket Support Awful     
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I've found that the ticket support system is awful - I never get a reply when updating a ticket - however, the telephone support staff are very helpful (even though they haven't yet solved the problem!)
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