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Anonymous wrote:
I am having the same issue as Malangell - I have downloaded NavDesk 7.50 on my desktop, have downloaded the updated maps on my HP ultrabook with Windows 8 and am becoming frustrated as like Malangell I too have wasted a few hours trying to install maps and find that NavDest 7.50 is not registering that my Navman is connected or something and I can't get the maps to become updated on My-500xt Navman. Please help!! I had some rude technical support officer from Manilla trying to guide via telecon, however spoke in a condescending voice and I became frustrated with him and hung up - KittyCat

I had the same issue with my Cruise550MT Navman not being recognized by my laptop, after a few frustrating hrs we plugged a USB3 hub (with the navman plugged into the hub) into one of the USB slots, double-clicked on Navdesk to open it and within 30 secs it recognized my Navman and yahooee I could update my maps and also load my POI's

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Post new GPS POI data or GPS devices related topic in Navman forum Reply to topic Navdesk installation problems
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