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John J


Post Navman Tourer map update     
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I have a Navman Tourer bought in 2011. Just updated my Windows 7 64bit to Navdesk 7.5. Trying to find somewhere on the internet to purchase updated maps (for UK) - after 2hrs of trying - no luck!
Yes, Navman support seems to be rubbish. Garmin for me soon.



Post Navman Map Download - Mac     
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I'm using Mac.

On the bottom left there is an option to change path. Click this and change the path to Desktop.

Go back and download the map update. This worked for me.



Post Navman GPS EZY270LMT     
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i have just spent the last two days trying to update a "life time free maps" only to find things have gone from bad to worse.
At first I was able to connect to the computer - the GPS with USB cord and the screen was showing connected to computer.
Now I don't even get that on the device screen. Only shows the Navman and Model on the screen.
After turning on and off, it won't do anything. It appears to have lost its operating system and won't boot up.
I can't get to restore as it won't recognise that the computer and GPS are connected. So update just sits waiting for it to be connected, therefore can't press next button to perform an update.
I know the USB ports are OK as have connected other USB devices to them.
It appears after a suggested firmware update things only got worse. Now I have a useless GPS that does nothing but display the Make and Model screen when turned on. That's it!
I've tried reinstalling the software from original CD, also updating from the website.
Now I wish I would have left it alone and gone without the updates as it was working.
Very frustrating Sad



Post solution     
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Hi all,

I have just installed NavDesk 7.5 on windows 10, in the first instance it was opening up however was having issues in coming upon the screen, if you have similar issues.

Go to properties of the navdesk .exe then click on compatibility tab and select checkbox "disable display scaling on high DPI setting".

Then re-run the application, it should be working.




Post Navman Move 60LM Not working properly     
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Hi All,
Have a Navman Move 60LM.
Since connecting it to my Windows 10 PC, It no longer works properly, nor can I update it.
I can no longer search addresses because the screens out of whack. Half the keys are no longer accessible, as though there off screen...
Help Crying or Very sad



Post Navman is Crap     
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I'm starting to wish I'd never bought the thing.


Post My pick     
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I had have Tom Tom - Navman - and Garmin GPS units. My rankings for ease of use and easy downloads are as follows.
1 - Garmin ( They work all the time )
2 - Tom Tom ( Not bad but Garmin has a great feature that you don't need the suburb just the street to get started )
3 - Navman ( I just find them hard to update if not impossible and maps are behind in adding streets )

I now only buy Garmin and couldn't be happier


Post Re: Navman Map Download - Mac     
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Same for me - Thanks Sam

I am updating my In-Laws GPS for them. Gotta say this has been quite an exercise, not in the least bit intuitive.
Having to find a user forum for tips just to do a standard update - shame on you Navman. My work GPS unit, although occasionally had delays connecting was a piece of cake in comparison.

SamC wrote:
I'm using Mac.

On the bottom left there is an option to change path. Click this and change the path to Desktop.

Go back and download the map update. This worked for me.



Post Navman is not that good     
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I agree = I bought a Navman (I should have bought a good brand) and it just won't connect to a Mac. No support (Monday to Friday only) and the cheapest software and support you could imagine.


Post Compatibility Change     
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For me, I just tick and change "run compatibility" for "windows 7" and check the box "run as administrator" as well ( Right-click Navman v7.50 App-> Properties-> Compatibility Tab"). After re-run app again, it downloads extremely fast.


Post Nav Desk 7.50 has stop working     
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My nav desk 7.50 has stop working on my windows 10. I tried so many times to reinstall, I gave up but I come across Mio more desktop 7.50 so I download to windows 10 so plug in into my navman MY570LMT and it works OK and it did update for the maps all diff is the name off it miomore Desktop 7.50.

Your Name


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