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After spent some time on an updating garmin 'software' needed to update an Garmin application for updating software in order te get some updates to be able to update .... well anyway, I am finally 'downloading' the maps.
It's taking already several hours, an much much more ahead. I am used to download 2000 mb files in a few minutes so plz no doubts about non-garmin stuff. This is completely insane.



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I have been on-line for more than 1/2 hour and my computer has received only 2Mb of data. This is a Garmin issue. They don't have good bandwidth. Rolling Eyes



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I gave up updating the map on my Garmin. I have a Thinkpad Edge with Windows 7 64 bit and Comcast Cable service. At first, the Garmin Express software stated it would about 2 hours and 10 minutes to do the map update. Then, instantly it changed the estimate to over 6 hours and the minutes kept increasing every two seconds. Eventually the estimate jumped to over 20 hours. Because I have Cable, there are absolutely no excuses as to why having such a long estimate.
I also tried using GarminMapUpdater instead of the GarminExpress crap and the estimated time was still over 20 hours. Ridiculously, I also had to choose a smaller map (lower 49 states) AND loose the voice activation feature because of not having enough memory. Really? have we gained that masny more roads all of a sudden and/or 'created' more land in the US?
I remember having TomTom and it was a breeze to do map updates on it, until it broke when one of my kids stepped on it.
So, bottom line is, one should not go through hell to have maps updated on their GPS. This is the 21st century. I wasted $350 on this Garmin. Will I buy a Garmin ever again?


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I have a Garmin 390 for Motorbikes, EU maps, my internet is 100Mb/s on cable ... it is updating since 6 hours and it still writes 20 hours remaining ??
Dear Garmin, Are you joking? CanĀ“t be that difficult to install proper servers for the updates !


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My other-brand-GPS would update in minutes, Garmin takes hours, same computer, so not a PC or speed issue.



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My download speed is 300Mb/s.
Map updates take 3 to 4 hours.
So clearly the problem is the Garmin server.




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Yes, it's a shame. I got a fast internet connection, but the map download speed is ... 0.6Kb, yes. Poor Garmin users! Sad



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Over here the update machanism is very slow too. And it isn't my computers fault. No other program on my computer updates as slow as the Garmin map update.

Actually my internet connection is a 150Mbit/sec connection. All my downloads are very fast (around 10-18 megabyte per second, depending on the sites I use). My PC is not the fault. The whole Garmin update infrastructure and mechanism is just painfully slow. Why? Ik keep wondering why.
No other update mechanism I ever used is so slow..... (And i used a lot of them because I'm a IT professional, sw engineer, sw designer and sw architect and I use software and development tools every day of the year....)


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Just updated my Garmin maps and took under an hour to do both gps and computer map as well.
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My nuvi 2517 is on its first map update and so far it's been plugged in for an hour at 5.2KB/s and still 0%

Redwood Guy


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This is just ludicrous. I've owned my Garmin for three years and tried each year to "update the maps." The first one quit after 6 hours. The second one said it would take 20 hours, so I killed it. And now, this time it is taking 12 hours. I've read all the messages here. So, in three years Gramin has not bothered to fix this? This is a GRAMIN problem. I wasted money on a name brand to get this?

Never again, Mr. Garmin will you get a dime out of me.



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Garmin Nuvi 255w. Garmin express on windows 10. From what I can see the 3 GB download from the servers is okay, it's the hideously slow process of ramming that multi-GB data set through what is likely a usb 1.1 interface. 3 GB at 1.5 mbps takes about 5 hours.


GPS: Garmin Oregon 600

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I have a 2590LMT. I've updated the maps at several different locations, usually public libraries. It's taken anywhere from 3 to 6 hours depending on the location where I'm doing the update. So I suspect it's your network speed that makes it run so slow.
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I purchased Garmin nuvi 2689 LMT, and started the update/download for US maps. It is over 5 GB. After I started the download it keeps flashing different remaining download times non stop such as 1 hour, 22 hours, 17 hours 8 hours, 20 hours, 3 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours etc...and after a half hour it shows no progress bar yet, not even 1%. Normally on my computer and wireless connection downloading 5 GB will take maybe 3 hours at most. I think the slowness is coming from Garmin servers and multiple customers trying to update their maps at the same time. Maybe during slower hours it is faster. It is now Friday evening (weekend in other locations) so maybe this is a busy time for updating maps. I don't know. Maybe the problem is elsewhere.



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This is an update to my post above. It took only about 2 hours to download all the updates (including maps - 5 GB total) to my Garmin nuvi 2689 LMT.

The progress bar remained blank most of the time, and eventually showed about 1%, and the remaining download time kept fluctuating between 2 hours and 23 hours most of the time.

But then suddenly I got the "Update Complete" message after about 2 hours total.

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