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jandrioli wrote:
It's the partitioning of the SD Card!

Just to say THANKS! You saved me hours of cursing and work! Very Happy Your solution works perfectly for my Nuvi 40.



Post SD card for nuvi     
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Device will not recognize SD card.
Your nuvi 57LM will hold up to a 32GB micro sd card.
If you are not seeing a separate drive for the sd card:

- Select Settings > Device > About > Provide me with the Unit ID
- Return to the Where To?/View Map screen.
- Touch Volume
- Touch and hold the upper right corner of the screen
- Touch Configuration and Settings
- Touch MTP Settings
- Touch Mass Storage Single Session
- Touch Save
- Please reconnect to your USB cable.
- Make sure the the card is inserted into the GPS.

Mark Sartor


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generalstuff wrote:
william.beck wrote:
by the looks of things the 250 is playing up Could be the card capacity may be too big for the 250?

I would suspect the SD card and its compatibility with the Garmin. I had a 4 GB Sandisk card which would read elsewhere but not in my Nuvi. I realised after a while that the plastic body of the card was a little thinner than the others I had. I put a few layers of tape on thee back to thicken it up and it works fine now.

THIS!!! Put a couple layers of tape on the tiny card, and it fit more snugly, and now my Garmin 50 will recognize the card! WOW !! Brilliant! Thanks! Very Happy Very Happy

Mark Sartor


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I forgot to add that I also named the memory card "GARMIN", as someone suggested, so that may have helped.



Post Re: For me, using ExFat was the trick     
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Anonymous wrote:
For my Nüvi 200 and a 8 GB SD card, what actually worked was to reformat it to ExFAT, and _not_ FAT32. Kind of strange, but it seems to work now...

Of all the suggestions, this one worked for me! Format to ExFat. I thought it was a long shot but worked like a charm.
Thank you.

Your Name


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