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Hi, I too have a problem where the post code puts couriers round the corner and down Wandle road, and to make matters worse there are two Ravensbury Courts in the area! The post code in question is SM46AL and the actual co-ords are the same as SM4 6AN. Funnily enough, if I go to your map and put SM46AL in it does come up in the right place, just not when using a Sat Nav. whether it's Garmin or the others I don't know. If you put SM46AN in the sat nav it brings you straight here!



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I have a similar problem. My apartment is in a block of six, which is at the end of a private driveway, with car park. While the postcode picks-out the correct building on the map, all sat navs take drivers to the car park for another set of flats behind ours and there is no direct driving or walking route between the two locations. This causes all sorts of problems (parcels being returned undelivered for example)

The Postcode is: CW5 5RA
Co-ordinates: -2.5160674,53.0703171,

when you look on the map you can see the drive way leading in the direction of the building (The Old Tannery), though the car park at the end of the drive and adjacent to the building is not marked.

However, sat navs do not lead drivers down this drive way but take them to the car park for the flats at Baronia Place behind us. There is no direct walking or driving route from the Baronia place car park to The Old Tannery, which is associated with the postcode CW5 5RA



Post Postcode send people to wrong road     
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Please can our postcode of S10 1HN be amended as this sends people to the wrong road completely.

The co-ordinates of where we are: Latitude : 53.385215
Longitude : -1.5046053




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Help? Sat nav sending people to field behind house - they always get stuck! NG22 0RT should be Wood Lane Askham, but vehicles go to Brotherwood Farm on Stocking Lane. Co-ordinates are 53.2715904 ; -0.8912663.
Would so appreciate help in getting parcels delivered without having to send someone to pull the vehicles out.



Post Incorrect postcode location     
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Please could you amend ours? The post code is SL2 2NJ, it takes people to a different road (that is not even in the post code range).

The coordinates are:

Many thanks




Post mis-direction by satnav     
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I live at 2 Thorley High and continually get deliveries for 2 Hawthorne Rise.
can the satnavs be amended please?

2 thorley high bishops stortford CM23 4AR
Decimal coordinates (longitude, latitude): 0.16067969031539953 , 51.849071250470786

2 hawthorne rise bishops stortford CM23 4AW
Decimal coordinates (longitude, latitude): 0.15971347004368752 , 51.84842854433254



Post Satnav sends you to the wrong place from postcode     
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My postcode is PE6 8AD (Millfield Road, Market Deeping decimal co-ordinates -0.3266593,52.6765059) but when you put this into Satnavs they send you to PE6 8QX (Millfield Road, Deeping St James decimal co-ordinates-0.2918240850556231 , 52.67338653410496 ). Please help as it's becoming a real issue and the lady at the corresponding house number is becoming rather irritated receiving our visitors!



Post Coordinates     
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Hi I am having similar problems, the post code is pointing at the wrong address, Our post code is BB5 5HD, & the coordinates should be according to your map (latitude, longitude): 53.7711770,-2.3814854, thanks in advance for your help

R Beaton


Post postcode/ satnav issues     
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I too am having similar problems
Postcode CB22 5HG
coordinates 0.1228143,52.1445678,

Thankyou for any help you can give



Post Post Code not on Satnav     
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Can anyone tell me how to register my post code. I have lived in my house for two years and not even an ambulance was able access my location on their satnav. Many thanks



Post Re: Post Code not on Satnav     
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Patty wrote:
Can anyone tell me how to register my post code.

Hi Patty,
We have a few options available. The best place to start is: , find a file and press the Add button.
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Our new postcode is in the wrong place, please can it be updated?

The postcode is NG8 6QQ and the coordinates are 52° 58' 35.2092'' N
1° 14' 6.3744'' W



Post Getting my Sat Nav co ordinates changed on postcode     
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Is someone able to update my sat nav listing on this postcode please

RG17 9QT to these co-ordinates 51.379425, -1.449235


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Post Incorrect Sat Nav data for new(ish) postcode.     
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Would you be able to update Postcode EX2 7PS to co-ordinates:

-3.4685303, 50.7134386

Thank you,



Post Sat nav postcode sends visitors to back of school     
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Hi there,

Please could you update the GPS co-ordinates of Clacton County High School please?
We have a dedicated post code that takes visitors to the back of the school were there is no entrance.

The Post Code is CO15 6DZ and the new GPS co-ordinates are

51.795422 lat, 1.161047 long

Many Thanks,

CCHS Webmaster

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