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I think Garmin algorithms for figuring routes out is really screwed up a lot of times.I've often been routed off a highway and onto backroads only to be put back on the same highway miles down the road. With all the twisting and turning the distance take twice as long, slower and can't possibly any shorter. I've even been zig zagged in a townthrough sub-divisions and then back onto the same highway. Who ever does their algorithms to figure out the routing doesn't have a clue and probably doesn't use a Garmin. My old GPS never had these issues. I'm one very disappointed customer and would not use another Garmin if they are unable to fix these flaws in their routing algorithms. Sad



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I have to agree with RobR. I like the extra functionality with my Garmin - like speed limits, speed cameras and split screens at junctions etc.
BUT the Garmin is terrible at routing (fastest route and shortest route just don't do it) and the pronunciation of road names is absolutely awful. God only knows where it sends you sometimes - and why??? I never had these issues with my old My Guide.
Very disappointed.... Sad



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My Garmin nuvi 2548 sometimes takes me off a motorway (highway) on a slip road, up to the roundabout (rotary) at the top of the slope. and then back down to the road I've just left. Even if the traffic on the motorway is moving very slowly, this gains me about four places in the queue at best.


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My new Garmin routes me across a one acre field from a cross street to get to my house, instead of my driveway on my address street. I get complaints from service providers about it a lot, as their GPS misdirects them to my home.



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Went from Cromer to Holt in order to get to Wroxham. Nighmare

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